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  1. natural disasters
    The Bodies and the Blame Pile Up in BuffaloThe death toll from the Christmas storm is now at 37, and some residents are blaming the city for not issuing a travel ban earlier.
  2. politics
    Biden Condemns White Supremacy As ‘Poison’ During Speech in BuffaloThe president and First Lady visited Buffalo to pay their respects in the aftermath of a racist rampage that left ten people dead.
  3. what we know
    What We Know About the Racist Attack at a Buffalo SupermarketAs the city mourns the ten Black victims murdered in the attack, troubling details about the white supremacist gunman continue to emerge.
  4. politics
    A Socialist Dream Deferred in BuffaloIndia Walton looked for a few months like the wave of the future. Then the city’s Democratic machine struck back.
  5. the city politic
    Will Buffalo Elect a Socialist Mayor?It depends on the success of the incumbent’s extremely unusual write-in campaign.
  6. police brutality
    Criminal Charges Dropped Against Buffalo Cops Who Shoved 75-Year-Old ProtesterA grand jury dismissed felony assault charges against two officers who shoved an elderly man to the ground at a Black Lives Matter protest last June.
  7. george floyd protests
    Buffalo Police Suspended for Shoving Elderly Protester to the GroundVideo shows the man lying motionless on the pavement and bleeding from the ear as several officers walk by. He is in “stable but serious” condition.
  8. Bharara Lets Cuomo Off the Hook for Disbanding Anti-Corruption CommissionNo charges for the governor.
  9. talking about the weather
    Western New Yorkers Buried by Snow Now Also Have to Worry About FloodingTemperatures are expected to climb to almost 60 degrees over the weekend.
  10. snow day
    5 New Yorkers Dead From Massive Early SnowstormMost common cause of death: shoveling.
  11. life upstate
    Buffalo Residents Waited Three Hours in the Snow for Popeye’s Grand OpeningThe upstate Cronut.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Buffalo Neighbors Say Crack-Dealing Granny Kept Things SafeBut she’s still facing prison.
  13. early and awkward
    Carl Paladino’s Comeback Will Probably Stop at the School BoardChecking in with Buffalo’s finest.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Buffalo Hit-and-Run Victim Basically Flew for a Minute ThereHe’s okay now, though!
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ten-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death by Stepdad Tried Warning 911 Abdifatah Mohamud called twice to report his own abuse. 
  16. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Crowned Pussy Willow PrinceBuffalo did not appreciate his giggle fit.
  17. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Sorry for Portraying Buffalo As a Deserted HellholeHis bad, Buffalo.
  18. early and awkward
    Buffalo Is Really over Carl Paladino NowThe Buffalo ‘News’ endorsed his rival, Andrew Cuomo.
  19. paladinosaur
    Even Buffalo Is Kind of Over Carl Paladino NowMany say it was the spat with Fred Dicker that changed their minds.
  20. the queen city
    Scene From a Buffalo Sidewalk“A man in a wheelchair stopped to rattle a plastic cup at a man sitting on the sidewalk.”
  21. the new adventures of old christine
    Christine O’Donnell Thought the Clintons May Have Murdered Vince FosterUgh, stop it already, this is getting ridiculous.
  22. bons mots
    Lady Hits On President Obama at Buffalo Wing EstablishmentApparently, he is a hottie, and he has a smoking little body.
  23. early and often
    So How’d That Trip Upstate Go, Caroline?So she went on a one-day listening tour. What did people think?
  24. in other news
    State Assemblyman to Intern: I Want to ‘See Your Ducks’Salacious (and slightly confusing) e-mails between Buffalo legislator Sam Hoyt and a 19-year-old intern have us sniggering over our English Breakfast tea.
  25. the sports section
    Rangers Lose; New Yorkers Shrug The Rangers’ season ended yesterday afternoon with a 5-4 loss to Buffalo in the NHL’s Eastern Conference semifinals at Madison Square Garden. You may or may not know this; it being a hockey game, you may not care. Indeed, New Yorkers seem to care about this so little that our mayor couldn’t even be bothered to bet a Junior’s cheesecake on the series. And that’s exactly why, we realized as we sat in the last row of the Garden yesterday, watching a handful of exultant Sabres fans, we were almost happy for the other guys: We — New Yorkers, that is — just didn’t want it. We didn’t need it. In Buffalo, the Sabres are a point of civic pride, perhaps the point. Here, the Rangers are a perpetual second fiddle. There’s football in the fall, basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring. Today’s tabloids tell you all you need to know: a couple of inches on the back page for the Blueshirts; the rest of the back cover — and most of the front — for Roger Clemens. When yesterday’s buzzer sounded, Rangers fans sighed, moved on, and shifted their attention to baseball. But in Buffalo it’s not so easy. If the Sabres lose, that’s it till football season. And we know how that tends to work out. —Joe DeLessio
  26. the morning line
    Cabs, Gays, and Celeb Car Thefts • The tabs are aghast at yesterday’s taxicab rate hike, with the Post using words like “adding insult to injury” and the Daily News predicting a ruined Christmas. Completely buried in populist outrage: The TLC will also cease requiring cabbies to be legal U.S. residents. [NYDN, NYP] • The Times gets a take on New Jersey’s new gay-rights situation from the Gay American himself, the state’s former governor, Jim McGreevey. Would he tie the knot with his partner Mark O’Donnell? Yes! [NYT] • In celebrity-crime-victim news, Jesse L. Martin’s SUV was broken into and burgled in his hometown of Buffalo — just as the police made a second arrest in the violent theft of Mayor Bloomberg’s car in New Jersey. [WNBC] • The MTA says that free hand-distributed newspapers are a major cause of flooding on subways. (They clog the drains.) Earlier in the year, the same papers were blamed for the uptick of underground fires. amNew York to add twelve extra pages for the story’s comprehensive coverage. [amNY] • Speaking of flooding: NASA has rigged a computer model to demonstrate how a 2050s New York City would deal with a major storm. Not very well, it turns out. Flooded areas include “the Rockaways, Coney Island, much of southern Brooklyn and Queens, lower Manhattan, and eastern Staten Island from Great Kills Harbor north to the Verrazano Bridge.” Oh, no! Even Williamsburg, too! [Mongabay]
  27. the morning line
    ‘Suicide in Buffalo Would Be Redundant’ • Blackouts, school closings, downed trees and power lines — and that’s just on the first day of snow! Bewildered Buffalo registers two feet of the white stuff, making for the snowiest October day on record. An auspicious beginning, that. [AP via NYT] • Hey, you know what hasn’t happened on the Upper East Side in a while, if by “a while” you mean 48 hours? Raging flames and mass evacuations. Behold, then, a three-alarm fire in a historic — and thankfully unoccupied — townhouse on 70th and Park, six blocks from the Lidle crash and eight blocks from the Bartha place. Does God not like UES anymore? [AP via amNY] • Istithmar, a Dubai-based investment firm, buys the W Hotel in Union Square, paying a per-room rate that beats the prices paid for the Plaza and the Essex House. The company already owns the Knickerbocker and Helmsley hotels and could well be the final bidders for Stuy Town. Cue the eighties-style the-foreigners-are-taking-over-New York hysteria. [NYS] • Some Muslims are reportedly offended by the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue, finding its architecture too similar to the Ka’ba, the sacred edifice in Mecca. They should see the Rubik’s Cube. [ZDNet via Curbed] • And Con Ed has released a “definitive,” 600-page report on the July blackout in Queens. We’ll only need six words to capture the gist. It was all someone else’s fault. The cited number of affected customers (6,800) also differs wildly from the city estimates (over 100,000). Damage control? On it. [WNBC]