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  1. environment
    Lessons From My Year of Pests and VerminSince leaving New York, battling household intruders has become my new normal. Weirdly, all the ants, flies, and mice have made me feel more human.
  2. climate change
    Let’s Fight Climate Change Without Eating BugsThe New York Times says if we want to save the planet, we need to reduce demand for meat: “That’s where insects come in.” What’s wrong with beans?
  3. bugs
    What Happens When All the Bugs Die?Bee ecologist Dave Goulson imagines a world without creeping things.
  4. select all
    It’s Not a BugThe effects of algorithms are unpredictable, but not unintended.
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    There’s a Bizarre Autocorrect Bug on iPhones. Here’s How to Fix ItA strange bug in iOS is making it really tough to talk about yourself.
  6. Flying Insects Are Disappearing and That’s Not a Good ThingA new study shows a dramatically reduced biomass in obnoxious but necessary flying insects.
  7. United Flight Delayed After Scorpion Emerges From Sleeping Man’s ShirtIt’s the second time a scorpion has terrorized a United flight in the past month.
  8. This iPhone Contact Card Bug Will Brick Your Messages AppIf someone texts you a contact card out of the blue in the next few days, don’t open it.
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    This Short Video Will Freeze and Crash Your iPhone After You Watch ItIt’s like that VHS tape from The Ring, except for your phone.
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    Facebook Suddenly Seems to Think Lots of People Are DeadNo one has any idea what’s going on, but it seems like a fitting bug to pop up this week.
  11. The Saga of the Subway Cricket Lady Is OverShe was reportedly arrested for her “prank” on Tuesday.
  12. cicadas
    Billions of Cicadas Are About to Invade the Northeast They’ve been waiting 17 years for this.
  13. select all
    Why Your iPhone’s Links Are Broken in Safari and MailIt’s actually the developers’ fault.
  14. oh new jersey
    New Jersey Will Be Covered in Giant Bugs SoonIt’s a once-in-17-years experience.
  15. things that scare us
    Never Think About Bugs for Too LongPondering a swarm of locusts sends entomologist to a dark place.