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  1. bummers
    1950 Time Capsule Opened to Reveal Literal Garbage WaterExciting!
  2. Spurs, Timberwolves Game in Mexico City Gets Smoked OutBummer.
  3. bummers
    Testing Company Pretty Much Ruins Summer for High Schoolers in ChelseaBy losing their Regent exam results and making them retake the test.
  4. bummers
    Bus Ride From Atlantic City Gets Even WorseThanks to a crazy person.
  5. bummers
    Final Day of the Great GoogaMooga Called Off Over RainAnd concerns about “safety and prevention of damage to the park grounds.”
  6. bummers
    Thanks to Sequester, This Year’s Fleet Week Is Going to SuckUnless you hate Fleet Week.
  7. bummers
    The Great GoogaMooga: Not So Great?There were some logistical snarls.
  8. bummers
    ‘Barstool Blackout’ Party at Roseland Ballroom Lacked a Key Element Sorry, kids. 
  9. shake shack
    The Shake Shack Shares Its Calorie CountsFile under: Things we didn’t ever want to know.