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    The Threat of Violence Remains All Too Real for Fast-Food WorkersDo chains like McDonald’s and Burger King do enough to protect their employees?
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    Burger King’s Whoppercoin Is the Only Cryptocurrency That MattersMove over Ethereum, there’s a new crypto-sheriff in town.
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    Burger King Outsources Advertisement to Your Google Home, Google Shuts It DownEver wanted to hear a robot tell you about the Whopper?
  4. Don’t Listen to Rob Lowe’s Opinions About Burger KingHe is terrible at being a right-wing economic pundit.
  5. Openly Royalist Burger Chain Becomes Canadian CitizenBurger King is merging with Tim Hortons in the latest controversial corporate “tax inversion.” 
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    Robbing a Burger King Is a Good Opportunity to Get Some LunchAs one Long Island thief would probably tell you.
  7. Why Having Its Twitter Hacked Could Be a Good Thing for Burger King [Updated]Burger King’s twitter account got very, very hacked.
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    JPMorgan Insults All Employees of Burger KingThis is an outrage.