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Bush Tax Cuts

  1. joe biden
    What Joe Biden and George W. Bush Have in CommonComparing the early performances of our most-recent presidents.
  2. budget reconciliation
    What Is Budget Reconciliation and Why Does It Matter for Biden’s Agenda?For 40 years, reconciliation has provided a way to bypass the Senate filibuster. It may be crucial for passing Biden’s stimulus plan.
  3. the national interest
    Bushonomics Is Back Because the GOP Has No Other IdeasLet’s try cutting taxes and hoping it leads to spending cuts — that always works.
  4. government at work
    In Somewhat Meaningless Gesture, Senate Passes Middle Class Tax CutsAnother busy day of not making laws.
  5. lessons
    Joe Biden: ‘Life Is a Matter of Really Tough Choices’He’ll go after tax breaks for the wealthy again later in life.
  6. photo op
    Obama Signs Tax Bill, Boehner and Pelosi Conspicuously AbsentWonder why.
  7. america’s sweetheart
    To Sarah Palin, Compromising Is Flip-FloppingThat would be one unproductive presidency.
  8. death and taxes
    President Obama to Finally Get Credit for Cutting TaxesThe House passes his tax-cut package last night, and he’ll sign it into law today.
  9. taxes
    Senate Easily Passes Tax CompromiseThe ‘Times’ calls it an “acid compromise.”
  10. death and taxes
    George W. Bush Wishes the Bush Tax Cuts Were Called Something Else“There’d probably be less angst.”
  11. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Doesn’t Like the Tax-Cut DealFor reasons that don’t always make sense.
  12. death and taxes
    Tax-Cut Package Moves Forward in the SenateIt should be passed in the Senate tomorrow.
  13. death and taxes
    America Backs Tax Package, Though the Stuff Inside It, Not So MuchOnly 11 percent approve of all four of its main components.
  14. filibernie
    Bernie Sanders Has Been Speaking on the Senate Floor for Six HoursHe’s protesting the tax-cut compromise.
  15. death and taxes
    What Happens If the Tax-Cut Deal Falls Apart?A look at the political fallout of a failed compromise.
  16. barack obama
    Now Let’s Speculate About a Primary Challenger for Obama in 2012Progressive Democrats are grumbling.
  17. death and taxes
    Obama Has Had It Up to Here With Pretty Much EverybodyObama scolds Republicans and Democrats for failing to be as pragmatic as he is.
  18. death and taxes
    This Is the President Obama Everyone Should Get Used ToWhy Obama’s compromise with the GOP on the Bush tax cuts should be no surprise.
  19. cable news
    Talk Box: Tax-Cut Extension Would Lead to More Borrowing From ChinaMSNBC’s ‘Countdown’ investigates the huge amounts the U.S. will have to borrow from countries like China and Russia.
  20. death and taxes
    Congress May Finally Be Getting Somewhere on Tax CutsRepublicans could get their way and extend the cuts for all income levels.
  21. death and taxes
    Tax Cuts for Non-Super-Rich Blocked by Senate Republicans“There are no signs that millionaires are suffering in this economy. It’s everybody below that.”
  22. early and often
    House Democrats Pass ‘Chicken Crap’ Tax CutsNot that they’ll get through the Senate.
  23. bons mots
    What Irate John Boehner Sounds LikeChicken crap!
  24. cable news
    Talk Box: Independents Are Just Waiting to Be TriangulatedCable news pundits examine the possibilities of the coming partisan standoff over extending unemployment benefits.
  25. oh congress!
    Republicans Don’t Want Anyone to Get the Idea That They’re Going to Start Being Cooperative in Any WayThey’re circulating a letter calling for a filibuster of almost everything.
  26. death and taxes
    Obama Continues to Negotiate With Himself on Bush Tax CutsHe … doesn’t know how to haggle.
  27. cable news
    Talk Box: The Left’s Take on Obama’s Latest SurrenderMeanwhile, Sean Hannity thinks it’s the Republicans who are caving.
  28. death and taxes
    Obama Caved on the Bush Tax Cuts Last Week, Not YesterdayYeah, but it wasn’t last night.
  29. early and often
    CBO Director Doesn’t Want to Extend Bush Tax Cuts, Is Probably a SocialistCheck out his handy (socialist) chart!
  30. early and often
    Skittish Democrats Will Vote on Bush Tax Cuts After the ElectionIs this a terrible strategy?
  31. Joe Lieberman Trying to Form Another Terrifying Gang… of old white guys concerned about taxes.
  32. early and often
    GOP Is Not Familiar With This John Boehner Character You’re Referring ToSaying yes to tax increases to the rich never won you any friends in the GOP.
  33. early and often
    John Boehner Believes His Lips Might Be Able to Form the Word ‘Yes’Not that anyone believes him.
  34. early and often
    Obama Remembers He Was Maybe Once a Populist, Opposes Extending Tax Cuts for the RichThe middle class versus the wealthy.
  35. orszagsm
    Peter Orszag Goes Rogue, in a Budget Director Sort of WayHe doesn’t entirely agree with President Obama on extending the Bush tax cuts.