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Bye Bye Boehner

  1. congre … zzz
    After an All-Nighter at the Capitol, Congress Sends a Budget to ObamaTed Cruz was first given ample time to call the bill Obama’s “diamond-encrusted, glow-in-the-dark Amex card.”
  2. promotions
    Paul Ryan Is the Next Speaker of the HouseOne person voted for Colin Powell. 
  3. bye bye boehner
    John Boehner Says Good-byeHis last speech to the House featured a “few tears. Nothing wrong with that.”
  4. next top speaker
    Republicans Officially Decide That Paul Ryan Should Be the Next House SpeakerThe whole House will vote on this matter tomorrow — and then Boehner will finally get to peace out. 
  5. bye bye boehner
    The Dirty Barn That Is Congress Is No Longer Full of You Know What, Boehner SaysHe also leaves the Freedom Caucus with a final eye roll. 
  6. bye bye boehner
    Debt-Ceiling Deadline Grows Closer and CloserHowever, things could change if he doesn’t do something about the debt ceiling.