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  1. RT Briefly Took Over C-Span’s Online Feed This AfternoonC-Span says it was most likely the result of an “internal routing issue.”
  2. oh congress!
    Congressman Caught Winking at C-SPAN CameraHe claims he was trying to entertain his mom.
  3. C-SPAN CEO, Broadcaster of Congress, Steps DownBrian Lamb, the man responsible for bringing the Senate to your living room, will step down exactly 33 years after C-SPAN launched.
  4. cable news news
    C-SPAN Has Worldlier Prank Callers Than MostLately, they’re curious about Mitt Romney’s anatomy.
  5. raging boehner
    John Boehner Denies C-Span Greater Opportunies to Film Him CryingIt’ll still be just the one camera, thanks.
  6. health carnage
    One Health-Care Promise Obama Can at Least Pretend to KeepWhat happened to those C-SPAN cameras Candidate Obama was talking about?