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  1. gig economy
    The Tragic End to a Longtime Black-Car Driver’s Campaign Against UberHopelessly outmatched by ride-sharing apps, Doug Schifter took his own life to publicize the plight of his fellow workers.
  2. my fare
    Old New York, Seen Through a Cab Driver’s WindshieldJoseph Rodriguez documented the world outside his taxi during the 70s and 80s.
  3. sexual assault
    Bill to Require Sexual Assault PreventionIt applies to drivers of yellow cabs, green cabs, Uber, and Lyft.
  4. scary things
    Cabbie Disappears in Jamaica Hospital for DaysA six-day ordeal from one wrongly recorded name.
  5. scams
    Is Your Taxi Driver Learning How to Scam You at a Shady Garage Meet-Up?Maybe.
  6. stupid crime of the day
    New York’s Most Crooked Cabby: The TLC Is ‘Like Pontius Pilate’What does that even mean?
  7. miss manners
    Charm School for Cabbies“I didn’t realize how important it was to be nice.”
  8. stupid crime of the day
    If You Want to Off Your Husband, Don’t Just Ask Any Old Cabbie for HelpEven though it seems like the odds are probably good he’d help you.
  9. surprising enemies
    Hotel Doormen in Taxi Shakedown RacketThey’re forcing cabbies to pay them for the privilege of picking up fares.
  10. stupid crime of the day
    Ornery Cab Driver Busts Bank Robber by Just Being HimselfThese people are heroes.
  11. crime
    Awful California Woman Pepper-Sprays Cab DriverWoman stiffs cab driver, then pepper-sprays him.
  12. intel
    Ladies, Ever Been Hit On by a Cab Driver?It happens a lot, apparently!
  13. the greatest depression
    Even Cab Drivers Took Advantage of the Boom“A New York man who told investors he was president of a hedge fund called AR Capital Group Inc was really a hired driver.”
  14. intel
    This Week, Give Cab Drivers a Little CreditIf you’ve ridden in New York taxis for a long time, you’re probably already wary of the credit-card machines that have been installed in many of them. The ones that have been in cabs for a couple of years now never really worked, and not handing over cash just feels weird. The Post reveals today that cab drivers are also suspicious of the devices. In fact, many of them would do anything to prevent you from swiping. According to the tabloid, they’d rather just grab your cold, hard cash and will lie about broken machines or fake policies to make sure that’s how you pay. The Post doesn’t specifically explain why some drivers would rather have you pay them in cash, but the implication that most cabbies are cheats is pretty heavy throughout the piece. The problem is so bad that the head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission himself was once prevented from using a credit card by a deceitful cabbie. The cabbies’ union claims that the problem is the equipment, not the drivers. After the jump, some technical advice on what to do to avoid this problem.