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  1. Greta Van Susteren Is Out at MSNBCAri Melber, the network’s chief legal correspondent, will take over the 6 p.m. slot.
  2. cable news news
    Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Think She Was Poisoned, or That Fox Leaked to TrumpShe refuted some disturbing questions that arose from the New York Times review of her forthcoming memoir.
  3. cable news news
    Newt Gingrich Accuses Megyn Kelly of Being ‘Fascinated With Sex’He lost it when Kelly noted that women have accused Trump of being a “sexual predator.”
  4. cable news news
    CNN Is Addicted to Presidential Forums, Needs HelpThe network is broadcasting two debates this week and just announced another town hall.
  5. cable news news
    MSNBC May Be Dropping Alex Wagner and José Diaz-Balart, TooIt’s more fodder for #MSNBCSoWhite complaints following Melissa Harris-Perry’s departure.
  6. cable news news
    The GOP Debate Broke CNN’s Ratings RecordPreviously held by an episode of Larry King Live featuring Al Gore and Ross Perot.
  7. cable news news
    MSNBC Bumps Al Sharpton From Weeknights to Sunday MorningsBut he insists it isn’t a demotion.
  8. cable news news
    MSNBC Preps for Brian Williams’s Return by Canceling 3 Daytime ShowsSay good-bye to The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, and The Ed Show.
  9. Roger Ailes Will Now Report to Three MurdochsOfficially, at least.
  10. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly Threatens New York Times Reporter“I am coming after you with everything I have,” O’Reilly said.
  11. cable news news
    Ronan Farrow, Joy-Ann Reid’s Shows Canceled in MSNBC Shake-upAnd there may be bigger changes coming.
  12. cable news news
    City of Paris Plans to Sue Fox News [Updated]Start cooking up those freedom fries.
  13. cable news news
    Fox News Apologizes for Absurd Claim About Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’Oops. 
  14. cable news news
    The 2 Chainz–Nancy Grace Weed Debate Is As Amazing As It SoundsWe have #Pot2Blame for this instant classic.
  15. tech
    CNN Election Team Hides iPads Behind Sponsored Microsoft TabletsApple wins again.
  16. early and awkward
    Karl Rove, Fox News Rub in Republican DominationRevenge for 2012.
  17. great moments in fox news
    Shep Smith Dismantles Ebola Panic on Fox News!?Truly surprising.
  18. cable news news
    CNN Puts Crossfire Out of Its Misery (Again)Poor Newt.
  19. cable news news
    Recent Bout of Terrible News Was Disastrous for MSNBCThe network’s ratings hit record lows.
  20. media
    CNN Cutting 300 Jobs As Turner Eliminates 10 Percent of StaffLayoffs and buyouts under president Jeff Zucker, and beyond.
  21. cable news news
    Ebola Coverage Goes Extra Dumb on CNN, Fox News“Ebola: The ISIS of biological agents?” CNN asks.
  22. islamic state watch
    President Bill O’Reilly Has a Plan to Fight ISIS“This is a terrible idea,” said an actual military expert.
  23. cable news news
    How Fox News Is Covering the Climate Change MarchLike it covers climate change: Ignore and hope it goes away.
  24. cable news news
    Former White House Press Secretary Does About What You’d Expect Jay Carney is going to work for CNN. 
  25. Al vs. Al: Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera America Over Current Media DealThe former vice-president is suing Al Jazeera America for fraud.
  26. cable news news
    CNN Reporter Is Sorry for Getting Drunk and Biting 2 EMTsThese things happen.
  27. cable news news
    CNN Reassigns Reporter Who Called Israelis Cheering Bombs ‘Scum’ in TweetDiana Magnay has been removed from Gaza.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Fox News Host Roughed Up by Airport Cop in Bicycle HelmetThe Gregg Jarrett jailhouse tape.
  29. cable news news
    Mercedes-Benz Plows Into CNN Headquarters The driver has been arrested. 
  30. cable news news
    Fareed Zakaria Defends CNN: ‘We’re Not a Public Charity Here’From the network that showed an O.J. Simpson special instead of covering Eric Cantor’s loss.
  31. cable news news
    CNN Seriously Comparing Bowe Bergdahl to Brody From HomelandFrom the network that brought you supernatural Flight 370 theories.
  32. cable news news
    Most People Who Watch Bill O’Reilly Are Rapidly Approaching DeathThe median age of Factor viewers has reached a new high: 72.1.
  33. cable news news
    Fox News Hires Clueless ActressRomney supporter Stacey Dash is joining the network as a contributor.
  34. dumb things
    Fox News Host: ‘Redskins’ Isn’t OffensiveIn fact, the slur is now a “term of respect.”
  35. crimes and misdemeanors
    Drunk Fox News Anchor Arrested at Airport EateryWeekend host Gregg Jarrett got belligerent in Minnesota yesterday afternoon.
  36. cable news news
    Jeff Zucker Loved CNN’s Flight 370 CoverageRatings, ratings, ratings.
  37. great moments in fox news
    Bill O’Reilly Denies White Privilege, Of Course“I’m going to have to exempt myself.”
  38. great moments in fox news
    Geraldo Rivera Caught Pretending That Fox Business Hosts Are Regular PeopleHis camera crew interviewed Charlie Gasparino and Lori Rothman for a segment.
  39. polling trolling
    CNN Poll: Did Aliens Make Flight 370 Disappear?Maybe worse: how many people said it’s possible.
  40. cable news news
    MSNBC Apologizes for Offensive Cinco de Mayo BitThe network has apologized.
  41. white house correspondents’ dinner 2014
    MSNBC Throws Correspondents’ Dinner Blowout on Eve of Proposed Comcast Merger“These are all staffers that go out for five-dollar happy hours; they don’t get invited to stuff like this.”
  42. white house correspondents’ dinner 2014
    What You Missed at the 2014 White House Correspondents’ DinnerJokes about cable news and Chris Christie, mostly.
  43. cable news news
    Fox News Cuts Away From Obama Because Benghazi“It’s a Friday afternoon. News is happening.”
  44. media beef
    Shep Smith Scoffs at ‘Horseshit’ Gawker Report, Sneaks in CNN DisThe Fox News host strikes back against reports about his sexuality.
  45. party chat
    Ronan Farrow Wouldn’t Know What to Do With a Vaporizer And he’s still learning about the cable news business.
  46. cable news news
    Did Fox News Force Shep Smith to Stay Closeted?Roger Ailes denied the gay anchor’s request, Gawker reports.
  47. cable news news
    Flight-Simulator Instructor Fired for ‘Shaming’ Canada on CNNThe network’s nonstop Malaysia Airlines coverage finally claims a victim.
  48. cable news news
    CNN Replacing Piers Morgan With Unscripted SeriesStarting this summer. 
  49. spring break y’all
    Watch Jon Stewart Mercilessly Mock Fox News Spring Break CoverageShotgunning beers, twerking, and cocaine on cable news.
  50. cable news news
    Van Susteren Applauds CNN’s Airplane Coverage Brave.
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