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  1. cable news
    Bill O’Reilly Has Juan Williams’ BackPlus, Rachel Maddow wants to remind everyone that Williams’s firing is SO not a First Amendment issue, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  2. cable news news
    Juan Williams’s Day Wasn’t So Bad After AllAfter getting canned from NPR, he netted himself a $2 million, three-year gig with Fox News.
  3. watching media watchdogs
    After Years of Denying Connection With George Soros, Media Matters Accepts His $1 Million DonationMaybe if Fox News keeps saying something enough times, it really CAN come true.
  4. manderson
    A Bunch of Monkeys Asked Anderson Cooper to Dress Up As a Giant BunnyThis is the second least plausible cover for a foray into plushie-ism we have ever heard in our lives.
  5. cable news news
    MSNBC Realizes That It’s a Problem Running a Straight News Site That Shares the Name of a Slanted Cable ChannelCould MSNBC.com get a name change?
  6. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Has the Hubris for the Job“Losing is not really something I’ve either experienced on TV, or wish to experience.”
  7. cable news news
    Parker/Spitzer Ratings Lackluster: Only 460,000 Tuned In to Debut ShowWe learned this from reading Keith Olbermann’s Twitter.
  8. party chat
    Keith Olbermann Owes His Job to Lou Dobbs’s Personal LifeThe MSNBC toast also chatted about his father at the Thurber Awards last night.
  9. glenn beck
    Dana Milbank: Glenn Beck Is Paving the Way for a Mormon Salvation of AmericaSome of his rhetoric sounds familiar.
  10. cable news news
    On Parker/Spitzer Opening Night, Aaron Sorkin Calls Palin ‘Idiot’That was at least a little fun.
  11. fox news
    U.S. Sues Fox News Over Discrimination ClaimBased on complaint from 2007.
  12. rally to restore sanity
    Obama ‘Amused’ by Jon Stewart’s D.C. RallyObama’s been watching his Comedy Central.
  13. glenn beck
    The Times Forces Itself to Deal With Glenn BeckNaturally, the result is a little awkward.
  14. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly Visits Daily Show For Good-Humored ChatStewart says Beck won’t have him on air.
  15. cnn
    CNN’s Klein: ‘I Got Shot’If the Spitzer or Piers Morgan shows fail, he could take the blame.
  16. cable news news
    Greta Van Susteren Cancels Bob Woodward Interview After Publisher Won’t Hand Over Book‘Right on Greta!’ tweets Rachel Maddow.
  17. cable news news
    Bill O’Reilly Asks Jon Stewart If He Has ‘Obama Remorse’A sparring match between the hosts.
  18. cable news news
    Jon Stewart to go on Bill O’Reilly’s Show, Vice VersaLove it when this happens.
  19. cable news news
    Fox News Will Not Cover the Koran Burning [Updated]What to make of this?
  20. cable news news
    CNN Announces Piers Morgan As Host of New Prime-Time Interview ProgramApparently he got those visa issues cleared up.
  21. cable news news
    The CNN Debate Show Starring Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer Will Be Called…… “Parker Spitzer.”
  22. party chat
    Rachel Maddow: ‘Glenn Beck Was My Favorite Person of All Time on Radio’Not on the list of her favorite people are the writers of the Curbed blog, however.
  23. ink-stained wretches
    Major Garrett Took a Pay Cut to Go to the National JournalAlso, reporting at the White House for Fox News imparted on him “a certain amount of personal angst.”
  24. cable news news
    Major Garrett to Leave Fox NewsThe White House correspondent is going back to print!
  25. ground zero mosque mania
    News Corp. Remains Silent on Daily Show Accusations of Hypocritical Park51 FearmongeringBecause what’s the fun in acknowledging it?
  26. larry king
    CNN Asks Larry King to Stay Longer So Piers Morgan Can Figure Out His VisaPermanent work visas are hard to get even for celebrities.
  27. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Allowed by CNN to Talk to NBC [Updated]This would have been much more fun if it were any kind of surprise.
  28. cable news news
    McGuirk to Produce CNN’s Spitzer-Parker ShowHow to avoid a shoutfest.
  29. cable news
    Bill O’Reilly: ‘If You Want to Know What’s Really Happening in America,’ You Have to Watch Fox NewsFox News has “far more influence” than the network offerings.
  30. cable news news
    Piers Morgan Poised to Take Over for Larry KingDeal could be announced within the next few days.
  31. libertarians
    Fox Host: Bush and Cheney ‘Should Have Been Indicted’Alert! Alert! Break from predetermined network narrative!
  32. cable news hotties
    What Does Fox News’s Bantam Boy Toy Bill Hemmer Want Next?Kids!
  33. cable news news
    Bet You Thought Rachel Maddow Always Defied Her Gender NormsWell, she didn’t. Check out this high-school yearbook photo.
  34. glenn beck
    Glenn Beck Sends a Message to MSNBC, Lohan-Style“[Lohan] doesn’t affect anyone’s life!”
  35. cable news news
    Jenna Lee Makes Leap From Fox Business Network to Fox NewsShe’s one of FBN’s original foxes!
  36. cable news news
    Simon Cowell: I Helped Broker Piers Morgan CNN DealToo bad CNN says they’ve never negotiated with Morgan.
  37. manderson
    Other CNN Anchors Resent Anderson Cooper?Say it ain’t so!
  38. larry king
    Larry King Will End His Nightly Show This Fall“Now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.”
  39. cable news news
    Spitzer and Parker’s New CNN Debate Show Finds Itself in a Sinking Show SandwichThe Kings on either side of them are having record-low ratings streaks.
  40. cable news news
    Dylan Ratigan Got His Job Just Like Every Other Person in MediaBy sucking up to his friend’s dad.
  41. cable news news
    Dan Abrams, Scott Pelley Get Discovery ID ShowsTwo more marquee names for the investigation network.
  42. cable news news
    Katie Couric Turned Down Larry King’s CNN GigBut she still might work with the cable news network.
  43. cable news
    Bernie Goldberg Is Depressed About Talk RadioThe hypocrisy, he says, is enough to “choke a horse.”
  44. cable news news
    Why Would CNN’s ‘Spirited, Nightly Roundtable’ Work This Time?They killed the last one, after all.
  45. cable news news
    CNN Taps Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker for Debate ShowIt’s really happening.
  46. cable news news
    Carr: Give Larry King a Victory LapOr else.
  47. cable news news
    Looks Like Piers Morgan Is Really Going to Take Over for Larry KingA Brit! That will solve everything for CNN.
  48. cable news
    Robert Gibbs Defends Obama, Takes Shot At Cable NewsSpeech garners fewer viewers than previous addresses did.
  49. eliot spitzer
    CNN, MSNBC Battling for Eliot SpitzerBoth networks want the former governor to host.
  50. cable news news
    Shifts at Fox Business Network: Bolling In; Willard, Ramsey OutTea party: in!
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