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  1. Microsoft and Facebook Team Up to Lay New Transatlantic CableThe internet is a series of tubes.
  2. emergencies
    Connecticut Residents Somehow Survived Cable Outage No thanks to the jerks at 911.
  3. media
    Esquire Network to Be ‘An Upscale Bravo for Men’Welcome to the new inception of G4.
  4. the future is coming
    Government Speeds Up Review of Comcast-NBC MergerThey may put some limits on Comcast, but they won’t stop the deal.
  5. the future is coming
    Truce Between Hulu and Boxee Could Hurt Google TVWill someone come out on top soon, please? Because we want to watch Hulu on our TV.
  6. the future is coming
    Network TV vs. Google TV: The Battle to Bring the Internet to Your TV SetIntroducing Google TV, now without episodes from ABC, NBC, or CBS.
  7. media
    Fox, Cablevision Both Want You to Panic About Losing Your Sports, Bones RerunsForget the NLCS. What about those two re-broadcasts of ‘Seinfeld’ every night??
  8. city life
    Cable Guy No Longer Free to Show Up Whenever He Damn Well PleasesAlso: no more interminable phone waits. Hooray!
  9. in other news
    Fox News Hits No. 1 in All Cable Prime TimeLast week, they even topped perennial No. 1, USA.