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  1. NYC Taxi Cab Medallions Are Getting Pretty CheapThey are now going for less than $250,000, compared to more than $1 million just a few years ago.
  2. Uber Is Making NYC Cab Drivers NicerWhen Uber launched, cab complaints decreased.
  3. hacks
    Most Cab Drivers Don’t Do Drugs That, or they’re really sneaky about it.
  4. bill de blasio’s new york
    Mayor de Blasio Proposes Surcharge to Make More Taxis Wheelchair-AccessibleThe proposed change would cost passengers 30 cents per ride.
  5. cool things
    Beautiful Interactive Map Displays a Year of Taxi Rides And the benefits of splitting a fare.
  6. taxi!
    How Not to Refuse a Fare: An Instructional Video for CabbiesCabbies can say no, but not physically.
  7. taxis
    Taxi Drivers Are New York’s Smartest InvestorsMedallions are now worth more than gold.
  8. and step on it!
    In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like ThisThe Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.
  9. transportation
    Taxicab Confession: No One Likes the Backseat Televisions?We might be in the minority on this.
  10. tsnownami weather force
    At Least Two Cabs Exploded in Manhattan Last NightWow, thundersnow is scarier than we thought.
  11. transit
    Yellow Cab Fleet Owners Propose a 19 Percent Fare HikeIt feels like the city is trying to tell us something.
  12. things to avoid
    How to Not Get Hit by a Car While Walking the Streets of New YorkWith some surprising conclusions.
  13. the future is coming
    Alex Mashinsiky Is Determined to Bombard You With ConnectivityWi-Fi in 1,000 livery cars by fall.
  14. the future is coming
    Bing Maps Now Calculate Your Cab FareTake that, Google Maps.
  15. surprising enemies
    Hotel Doormen in Taxi Shakedown RacketThey’re forcing cabbies to pay them for the privilege of picking up fares.
  16. relational aesthetics
    The Art of Cab SharingThink of the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s new initiative not as sitting in a car with strangers, but as performance art.
  17. cabs
    Share a Cab This Week and Make a New FriendStarting next Friday, New Yorkers will have a newish way to get around the city.
  18. stupid crime of the day
    Ornery Cab Driver Busts Bank Robber by Just Being HimselfThese people are heroes.
  19. reasons to love new york
    Man Returns Wallet With $2,800 in It to OwnerGood Samaritanism strikes again.
  20. reasons to love new york
    Taxi Driver Saves $21K Purse for TouristYeah, that really happened.
  21. neighborhood news
    Gay Couple Kicked Out of Cab for HuggingIn the East Village, no less!
  22. intel
    Ladies, Ever Been Hit On by a Cab Driver?It happens a lot, apparently!
  23. taxis
    Cab Drivers to Begin Losing Licenses Over Cell-Phone UseThe Taxi and Limousine Commission is serious about this.
  24. this seems odd
    People Need to Stop Leaving Priceless String Instruments in CabsWhy does this keep happening?!?
  25. intel
    How Do You Feel About Sharing Cabs?A new city plan may make the practice much more common.
  26. the third terminator
    Judge Blocks Hybrid-Cab RequirementBloomberg ‘disappointed,’ to say the least.
  27. in other news
    How Are We Going to Cover This Cab-Baby Story? Amira: Do you have any good angles for this cab-baby story? Catucci: That’s tough. You can be funny, but you don’t want to go overboard. There’s a million and one tasteless jokes to make. Amira: Haha, yeah, I know. Amira: I mean, the baby’s probably better off. The dad doesn’t really seem like a stand-up guy. Catucci: You could go the heartwarming route, like here’s something for the city to rally around. Catucci: When was the last time there was a story like this to capture our imagination? Baby Jessica had a well; we have this girl in a livery cab. Or something. Amira: Yeah, that could work. Catucci: It’s a sign of the new New York. Amira: It’s a little strange that Commissioner Kelly is surprised that nobody recognized this baby. I mean, how many babies do you know? Catucci: Babies all look same. (Wait … now that I look at the photo again, that’s my baby!) Amira: Exactly. It’s like saying, “Whose Chihuahua is this?”
  28. intel
    This Week, Give Cab Drivers a Little CreditIf you’ve ridden in New York taxis for a long time, you’re probably already wary of the credit-card machines that have been installed in many of them. The ones that have been in cabs for a couple of years now never really worked, and not handing over cash just feels weird. The Post reveals today that cab drivers are also suspicious of the devices. In fact, many of them would do anything to prevent you from swiping. According to the tabloid, they’d rather just grab your cold, hard cash and will lie about broken machines or fake policies to make sure that’s how you pay. The Post doesn’t specifically explain why some drivers would rather have you pay them in cash, but the implication that most cabbies are cheats is pretty heavy throughout the piece. The problem is so bad that the head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission himself was once prevented from using a credit card by a deceitful cabbie. The cabbies’ union claims that the problem is the equipment, not the drivers. After the jump, some technical advice on what to do to avoid this problem.
  29. in other news
    Cab Strike Averted by Capitalist Greed? Yesterday, we told you about the new, GPS-enabled monitors the city wants to make mandatory in yellow cabs. Some drivers are saying they’re ready to strike over the matter, claiming an invasion of privacy (the software would show, and record, the cab’s route) but more likely don’t want to cover the new toy’s cost (reported as $7,200). Today, we got word from a city official vigorously disputing that number.
  30. in other news
    Cabbies Suspicious of Big Brother’s Maps Is the city’s plan to put a GPS tracking device on every cab an innocuous innovation or a case of the Big Brother at its worst? As with most taxi-related quandaries, the answer depends on whether you’re in the driver’s or the passenger’s seat. Some drivers are ready to strike over the issue, seeing it as an attack on their civil liberties. In the narrowest technical sense, that view doesn’t stand: There’s nothing more sinister about collecting information on a cab’s whereabouts during the shift than about requiring the drivers to fill out a log. Which they currently are required to do.
  31. 21 questions
    ‘Cash Cab’ Host Ben Bailey Experimented With Sushi, Didn’t Like ItName: Ben Bailey Age: 35 Job: Comedian and host of the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, where passengers answer trivia questions for money during their ride. Neighborhood: Battery Park City Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Fiorello LaGuardia. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? There are too many great meals to pick one out. We are so spoiled; everything is great. I recently gave sushi another chance at Japonais, and I loved it. I also had a great filet there. I tried sushi once before, and it was bad. Literally bad. It ruined sushi for me for almost a decade, which is tragic.