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Callista Gingrich

  1. Callista Gingrich an Odd Vatican Ambassador for an Odd PresidentHer identification with two adulterous pols whose policies are deplored in the Vatican won’t make life easy for America’s new representative.
  2. Newt: Callista Gingrich Could Be Ambassador to VaticanNewt couldn’t make it into the Trump administration but his wife may be able to.
  3. popularity contests
    People Really Don’t Like Callista GingrichIs it the hair?
  4. eye of newt
    This Newt Gingrich Interview Will Give You a Mental Image You Can Never UnseeYou’ve been warned.
  5. gop hair
    What Callista Looked Like Before ‘The Callista’Just another politician’s wife.
  6. gop hair
    ‘But What Is This Crash Helmet?’ The French have  learned about Callista Gingrich.
  7. eye of newt
    What Newt’s Open Marriage Request Does to the Callista Fairy TaleProbably not good things.
  8. eye of newt
    Did Newt’s Other Wives Brush His Teeth for Him?Seems reasonable.
  9. imaginary conversations
    Newt Gingrich Refuses to Share His Calamari: The Secret TapesThere was once a time when Newt Gingrich would not share his calamari.
  10. gop hair
    Brave Woman Tries to Replicate Callista Gingrich’s HairIt was very difficult.
  11. Gingrich Likens Himself to FDRTotally the way to win over GOP voters.
  12. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich, ‘Cultural Teacher,’ Is Also Campaigning to Sell BooksThe new front-runner is still a businessman on the trail.
  13. Why the GOP Base Accepts Newt and Callista’s Unconventional, Modern MarriageIt all begins with the French horn.
  14. early and awkward
    GOP Wives Form Clique, Exclude Less Cool WivesMary Kaye, Callista, and Anita are kind of a big deal.
  15. political playbook
    Political Playbook: When Failing Campaigns Blame the WifeThe latest example: Callista Gingrich is being scapegoated for the campaign’s implosion.
  16. newtwife
    Newt Gingrich’s Wife Dropped Between a Quarter and a Half Million Dollars at Tiffany & Co.That was at least one tenth of their worth.
  17. early and often
    Things We Learned About Callista GingrichShe bowled a 200.