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    How I Helped Hack DemocracyThe Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower on the company’s reckless early days.
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    The Billionaire Mercer Family Has Reportedly Bailed on Trump in 2020The reported loss of the Mercers — vital to Trump’s 2016 run — compounds campaign fears that the GOP’s big-ticket donors won’t show up in 2020.
  3. politics
    Your Taste in Jeans May Have Influenced the ElectionHow Cambridge Analytica used fashion data from Facebook to help Trump.
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    Google Tracks and Stores Your Location Even With Location History Turned OffEven if you’ve taken steps to limit the company’s location-data collection, they can create a timeline of your activity based on your location.
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    Cambridge Analytica Shuts DownThe now-infamous data firm is closing its doors amid the ongoing Facebook scandal.
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    Does Anyone Want to Hear My Internal Voice? Anyone?Researchers at MIT invented a device that lets you … hear your own thoughts. And maybe talk to Alexa.
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    Facebook to Let All Users Unsend Messages After Letting Zuckerberg Do ItSome users have reported that old messages from Mark Zuckerberg have vanished from their Facebook in-boxes.
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    Facebook Estimates Cambridge Analytica Had Data on 87 Million AmericansThe new statistic is buried at the bottom of its latest changes.
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    As Facebook Fears Mount, Zuckerberg Apologizes in Ad BlitzThe company lost nearly $50 billion in stock value last week following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
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    Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I Actually Am Not Sure We Shouldn’t Be Regulated’The CEO stumbled through his first TV interview since the scandal broke.
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    Mark Zuckerberg Breaks Silence On Cambridge AnalyticaDevelopers will be allowed to pull less data and unused apps will lose access.
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    Cambridge Analytica Whistle-blower Kicked Off Tinder TooThe dating app is linked to Facebook, which booted Wylie earlier this week.
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    Whatever Cambridge Analytica Has Done to the U.S., It’s Done Worse ElsewhereTech companies and political consultants love countries that lack privacy regulations.
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    Cambridge Analytica Suspends CEO Alexander NixHe’s nixed!
  15. Facebook Haunted by Its Handling of 2016 Election MeddlingThe reported exit of security chief Alex Stamos sheds light on Facebook’s approach to the Cambridge Analytica and Russian-disinformation scandals.
  16. Cambridge Analytica CEO Proposes Bribes, Entrapment in Undercover FootageIt’s gonna be hard to spin this one.
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    U.K. Seeks Seizure of Cambridge Analytica Servers As Facebook Announces AuditThe latest in the saga.
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    The Most Important Things to Understand About Facebook and Cambridge AnalyticaCambridge Analytica was using Facebook exactly as Facebook is designed — and that’s the problem.
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    Trump’s Data Firm Exploited Private Information From Millions of Facebook UsersCambridge Analytica, which has finally been suspended by Facebook, is even shadier than we thought.
  20. the national interest
    Cambridge Analytica Denies Working With Russia, UnconvincinglyThe most overlooked channel of Trump-Russia cooperation comes into clearer focus with new reporting.