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Camille Hughes

  1. hellivision
    Camille From NYC Prep Had a Stripper at Her 18th-Birthday PartyNaturally, there are pictures on the Internet.
  2. hellivision
    Harvard Dreams Crushed for NYC Prep’s Camille?There are reports that she’s no longer at the elite prep school that gave her so much pride this season.
  3. hellivision
    NYC Prep Is Going to End Up on Lexapro for the Rest of Its LifeOnly one person was able to walk away from last night’s mind-bending episode.
  4. hellivision
    NYC Prep Goes to the DogsIn which we review last night’s episode and determine a winner.
  5. hellivision
    NYC Prep Teaches Us New MeaningsIn which we determine who won this week’s episode, using our trademarked scientific methods.
  6. hellivision
    NYC Prep Makes Us Feel Like Teenagers AgainOur recap of last night’s Very Special event.