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  1. still rocking my math hat
    Andrew Yang Commits to Corniness With an Assist from MC JinThe rapper’s video for the mayoral front-runner is a perfect addition to Yang’s cringe-fueled campaign.
  2. vision 2020
    5 Reasons Biden’s Odds of Victory Look Better Than EverThere’s still plenty of time on the clock, but the past 48 hours of news and polling makes Biden’s lead look sturdier than before the RNC.
  3. politics
    Biden Ad Mocks Trump for Getting Laughed at by World LeadersFor years, Trump has said the world is laughing at the U.S. Now it’s laughing at him.
  4. 2018 midterms
    Trump’s Racist ‘Willie Horton’ Video Is a Normal GOP Ad in 2018The president just accused Democrats of trying to flood our country with cop killers. Other Republicans have accused them of worse.
  5. GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Primary Was About Who Could Be the CraziestIn the latest gleaning from a secret tape of Georgia GOP gubernatorial front-runner Casey Cagle, he admits his party’s kinda nuts.
  6. The Most Unhinged Political Ad of 2018 Is Already HereFormer Michigan congressman Kerry Bentivolio is attempting a comeback, sporting a terrifying new ad.
  7. An Ironworker With a Great Mustache Is Coming for Paul Ryan’s House SeatRyan has routinely won landslides in his purple district. Randy Bryce’s incredible new campaign ad suggests that could change that.
  8. 6 Takeaways From Montana’s Special ElectionMontana’s special election has many lessons, but it’s unclear if it tells us a lot about the remaining contests of 2017, much less the 2018 midterms.
  9. Republicans Must Think Georgians Really Hate San FranciscoAn effort by the GOP to tie Jon Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi may be too clever by half in evoking the City by the Bay.
  10. Watch Donald Trump Speak a Little Hindi in a New AdAb ki baar Trump sarkar!
  11. Clinton Has 7-to-1 Advantage Over Trump in Ad SpendingThe spending gap might be unprecedented. And it’s not like he’s offsetting it elsewhere.
  12. Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About BipartisanshipObama’s big achievements barely involved Republican cooperation.
  13. Jill Stein Is Outspending Donald Trump on Campaign AdsDonald Trump raised $82 million last month but has spent $0 on TV ads. What is he spending his money on?
  14. gross racists
    Racist Libertarian Hero Cliven Bundy Is Back With a Bizarre Campaign Ad For a third-party candidate.
  15. campaign ads
    Senate Candidate’s Campaign Ad Features Shot of James Foley Execution Video“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” says the New Mexico Republican.
  16. early and awkward
    Boehner Challenger Loses Job Over Dick-Joke-Filled Campaign AdClick for the story, stay for the puns.
  17. early and awkward
    Obama Impersonator Not Weirdest Part of GOP AdThough that’s weird, too. 
  18. campaign ads
    California Candidate: Congressional Republicans Are a 1972 Ford RancheroClassic but unreliable.
  19. Well, at Least Liz Cheney’s Daughters Like HerHere they are in a new campaign ad. 
  20. campaign ads
    Liz Cheney Emphatically Reminds Wyoming She’s Been ThereRepeatedly!
  21. the racie for gracie
    New Ad Pits Weiner Against ‘Powerful Voices’Belonging to whom?
  22. potential comebacks
    Spitzer’s First Campaign Ad Doesn’t Mention HimPronouns only!
  23. oh new jersey
    Cory Booker Knocks Washington in First Campaign Ad“Washington ducks our problems. I won’t.”
  24. campaign ads
    Italian Attack Ad Compares David Axelrod to Axl Rose, Sort Of Complete with weird Photoshop job.
  25. campaign ads
    Lena Dunham Discusses ‘First Time’ Voting in Obama Ad, Enrages Conservatives“You don’t want a guy who says, ‘Oh hey, I’m out studying’ when really he’s out not signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act.”
  26. campaign ads
    This Simpsons Animator’s Pro-Obama Video Is As Fun As Campaign Ads GetIt has bobbleheads!
  27. negative ads
    Obama Admits to Going ‘Overboard,’ Making Mistakes in Campaign Ads“That happens in politics.”
  28. stuck in the mittle
    Obama Campaign Speculates That Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes in Latest AdHarry Reid’s non-imaginary source has infiltrated the campaign.
  29. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Seen Her Romney Campaign Ads, But Isn’t a FanClinton is “out of politics,” so don’t try to drag her back in.
  30. santorumville
    New Santorum Ad Superimposes Faces of Obama, AhmadinejadApocalyptic imagery, sad kids, and bizarre jump cuts. 
  31. mea culpas
    Asian Actress Apologizes for Campaign Ad“It was absolutely a mistake on my part.”
  32. Asian-American Blogger Identifies Woman in ‘Racist’ Hoekstra AdShe claims she’s a 21-year-old UC Berkeley grad, beauty queen.
  33. early and awkward
    Pete Hoekstra Is Being Oppressed AgainThe former Michigan congressman of Twitter-meme fame is under fire for a campaign ad that many find racially insensitive. 
  34. stuck in the mittle
    Three of Romney’s Most Devastating Florida Ads, and Why They WorkedThe secrets of slime.
  35. early and awkward
    In the Future, Every Online Campaign Ad Will Be This DumbIt’s like Demon Sheep, but if it had slaves and Cialis and Guy Fawkes and … just watch it.
  36. fake campaign ads
    Our Ad Suggestion for ObamaThe president could play up John McCain’s accidental endorsement in 2012.
  37. ron paul
    New Ron Paul Ad Seeks to Prove He’s Not RacistCompassionate ad arrives on the heels of racially charged newsletter controversy.
  38. battle of the bandwith
    2012 Campaign Ad Wars: Reviewing the First Shots FiredOur first installment of a regular feature in which we compare and review presidential campaign ads.
  39. early and often
    Hey, Can You Do Barack Obama a Favor?President Obama casually asks for your help in his first campaign ad.
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney: ‘There Is Nothing Unique About the United States’Turning Romney’s own slimy tactics against him.
  41. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Can’t Even Speak English in His Own Campaign AdThis is sad.
  42. the hunt for red november
    Jon Huntsman Has Been Posting Some Great Anti-Romney Ads But have any non-bloggers noticed?
  43. no he cain’t
    Five Theories About the Bizarre New Herman Cain Campaign Ad [Updated]This is one of the weirdest ads you’ll ever see.
  44. early and awkward
    It’s Cool, Congressional Candidate Dan Adler’s Wife Is KoreanA bizarre campaign ad from a California Democrat.
  45. early and often
    Is Morgan Freeman a Sellout? [Update: Nope!]He’s narrating a campaign ad for a Republican congressional candidate.
  46. early and often
    Here’s the Ad That Mitch McConnell Asked ForDemocrats pounce on his “single most important thing” remark.
  47. early and awful
    Congressional Candidate Makes Christine O’Donnell Look Like the President of the ACLUHe thinks the separation of church and state was invented by Hitler, or something.
  48. early and often
    Is This Really the Best Political Ad This Year?“Chinese Professor” is winning fawning praise.
  49. early and often
    New York City Is an Evil Place, Say This Year’s Campaign AdsWe are the new San Francisco.
  50. early and awesome
    The Best and Worst of the 2010 Campaign AdsFrom the “Most Inappropriate Comparison” to the “Best Use of a Human Liver,” 38 campaign ads that went above and beyond this year.
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