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Campaign Fundraising

  1. Top GOP Donors Bemoan Trump at Elite SummitThey helped raise more than $1 billion for Romney in 2012. Now they are considering putting “country first, party second.”
  2. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Might Copy Sanders’s Small-Donor Fundraising StrategyMake America Great Again for Just $9.95.
  3. Will Trump Have to Go on a Fund-raising Binge If He Wins the GOP Nomination?A lot of people are saying he will. But there’s reason to think not. 
  4. Sanders Out-Raised Clinton in JanuaryFive million dollars more.
  5. cory booker for senate
    Cory Booker Is Most Definitely Running for SenateAnd he’s holding a fund-raiser to prove it.
  6. liu to you
    A John Liu Fund-raiser Has Been Arrested on FraudThis is really not Liu’s day.
  7. white men with money
    Wall Street Still Gives More Cash to Obama Than to RepublicansThey wish they knew how to quit him.