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Canada Wildfires

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    The Wildfire Haze Is Coming Back to New YorkAir quality is plummeting in upstate and western New York, and the city’s will follow later on Monday — though not to last month’s levels.
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    Canada Is on Fire. America Is Choking on Smoke. Is This the ‘New Abnormal’?We talked with forest-fire expert and journalist John Vaillant.
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    Photos: Smoke Grinds City to a Halt With Relief in SightFor a third straight day, haze caused by Canadian wildfires blanketed the city.
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    What Wildfire Smoke Does to the Human BodyThe Air Quality Index in New York hit a staggering 352, the worst in the world.
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    The East Coast Is Choking On the Hidden Costs of Climate ChangeMany calculations of climate change’s economic costs have failed to account for the impacts of wildfires.
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    When Is New York’s Smoke Apocalypse Going to End?Meteorologist Bill Evans on the prospect of weather relief — and how things actually could have been worse.