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  1. crime
    Feds Say They Foiled NYC Assassination PlotAuthorities allege that an Indian national plotted to kill a prominent Sikh separatist in the city.
  2. smokepocalypse
    Canada Is on Fire. America Is Choking on Smoke. Is This the ‘New Abnormal’?We talked with forest-fire expert and journalist John Vaillant.
  3. early and often
    Joe Biden Is Realizing Trump’s ‘America First’ VisionThe president is alienating allies and waging economic war on China to ensure America’s industrial supremacy.
  4. canada
    Ottawa’s Trucker Protest Is OverPolice in the Canadian capital have cleared away the demonstration. A similar convoy protest is being planned in the U.S.
  5. canada
    Police Clear Freedom Convoy, Ambassador Bridge Set to ReopenThe busy U.S.-Canada border crossing, which had been blockaded by protesters since early last week, is expected to reopen Sunday.
  6. conservative media
    Why Conservatives Celebrate the Canadian TruckersCOVID mandates are ripe fodder for fraudulent populism.
  7. life after warming
    This Is What Happens When One Climate Disaster Follows AnotherJust look at these images of flooding and landslides in British Columbia.
  8. gun control
    Canada Bans Assault WeaponsIn a popular measure after a recent gun massacre in Nova Scotia, Canada’s Liberal Party moved quickly, using emergency powers.
  9. donald trump
    The CBC Cut Trump’s Home Alone 2 Cameo, and His Fans Are OutragedThe Canadian broadcaster said the cut, made years before Trump became president, had been done “for time.”
  10. trade
    Trump Mulls Throwing Big Pharma Under the Bus to Save NAFTA 2.0The U.S. has long used trade deals as an excuse to export America’s high drug prices. Trump is reportedly willing to back away from that tradition.
  11. climate change
    Trump Sues California to Kill Cross-Border Cap-and-Trade MarketIt’s just the latest in the administration’s legal battles with the country’s largest state, which particularly target action on climate change.
  12. canada
    Justin Trudeau to Win Election for Second Term as Canadian Prime MinisterTrudeau hung on through multiple controversies, though projections show that his Liberal Party will form a minority government, suffering a blow.
  13. justin trudeau
    Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface Makeup to a Private-School Party in 2001A yearbook photo shows the Canadian PM in brownface at an ‘Arabian Nights’ party. And a new video shows him wearing blackface in a separate incident.
  14. trade
    With New NAFTA Deal, Trump Avoids Disaster But Falls Short on Big Trade PromisesCanada has signed on to a deal that shores up and modernizes the existing trade system, but fails to address major issues that animated Trump voters.
  15. trade
    U.S. and Canada Strike a Deal to Save NAFTAIt will be called the “United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement,” or USMCA.
  16. trade wars
    Trump’s Quiet Assault on Small Newspapers Just Came to an EndThe International Trade Commission ruled that Trump tariffs on newsprint are illegitimate — but not before those duties devastated regional papers.
  17. Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana UseRetail marijuana sales are expected to begin in September.
  18. Trump’s Insults Are Bringing Out Canada’s Fiery Inner NationalismAnti-American sentiment is burning hot among our generally mild-mannered neighbors. And “weak” Trudeau has gotten a huge political boost.
  19. trade war
    Trump Threatens to End All Trade With AlliesHe also suggested that there be no trade barriers of any kind among the G7.
  20. global economy
    How Will We Know When the Trade War Starts?The response of our allies shows that Trump has taken the U.S. into unknown territory — and the health of the global economy is on the line.
  21. Trump’s America Isn’t Going to the G7 to Make Friends (or Keep Them)Diplomacy between the U.S. and its Western allies is devolving into a carefully choreographed reality-show feud.
  22. Trump Unites U.S. Allies — in Opposition to His Trade PoliciesSix of the G7 countries are furious at Trump and his tactics.
  23. Trump Asks Trudeau: ‘Didn’t You Guys Burn Down the White House?’Canada, Britain, whatever.
  24. Trump Slaps Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on the E.U., Canada, and MexicoThe decision is likely to lead these core American allies to retaliate against American exporters.
  25. The Canadians Think Trump Will Try to Kill NAFTA. Are They Right?The president longs for trade war — but also a booming stock market and the approval of his corporate donors.
  26. Trump’s Demands Have Deadlocked NAFTA TalksMexico, Canada, and the U.S. have agreed to delay the next round of talks, as White House continues to insist on reforms its neighbors won’t abide.
  27. Why Trump Just Might Blow Up NAFTASince losing a proxy battle with Breitbart in Alabama, the president has been increasingly willing to sow chaos for the far right’s pleasure.
  28. As He Prepares to Blow Up NAFTA, Trump Warms to a New Trade Deal With CanadaNegotiators are meeting to save NAFTA, but Trump doesn’t seem to want that.
  29. international affairs
    Vehicle Attacks in Edmonton Being Investigated As Possible Act of TerrorismThe suspect had an ISIS flag in his car and injured at least five people, including a police officer.
  30. Democrats: Canadian Unions Shouldn’t Have to Compete With Cheap American LaborCanada has called for NAFTA to prohibit union-busting laws in American states. Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Sherrod Brown agree.
  31. select all
    Montreal Man Trapped in Airbnb PurgatoryHe’s the only permanent resident in his building.
  32. After Softening on China, Trump Goes All-in on Anti-Canada PopulismThe president slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber and vows that “we will not stand for” Ottawa’s unfair trade practices.
  33. Canada’s Government Has a Plan to Legalize Recreational Weed by Next SummerThe proposal fulfills a Justin Trudeau campaign promise.
  34. Trump Signals He Will Seek Relatively Modest Changes to NAFTADuring the campaign, Trump promised to “rip up” the trade agreement. Now, his administration appears content to make NAFTA a bit more like the TPP.
  35. Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Tries to Sell Mexico On ‘North America First’Peter Navarro wants the new NAFTA to protect the North American manufacturing market from overseas competition.
  36. 27-Year-Old ‘Right-Wing Troll’ Charged With Murder in Quebec Mosque ShootingSix people were killed during evening prayers.
  37. Justin Trudeau Makes History As First Prime Minister to March in Pride ParadeBut hopefully not the last.
  38. fort mcmurray
    Devastating Canadian Wildfire May Double in Size“In no way is this fire under control.”
  39. Trudeau: U.S.–Canada Can Cooperate Under Trump“Friendship between two countries extends far beyond any two people.”
  40. crimes and misdemeanors
    Canada Would Like Its 48,000 Pounds of Lobster BackAnd other weird crimes up north.
  41. accidents
    Whale-Watching Boat Sinks Near British Columbia, Killing at Least 5The cause of the crash in unclear.
  42. international affairs
    Liberals Sweep Canadian Election, Making Justin Trudeau Prime MinisterHe ousted Conservative Stephen Harper, who led Canada for nearly a decade.
  43. last week tonight this morning
    John Oliver, Mike Myers, and a Moose Try to Explain the Canadian ElectionLast Week Tonight assumed you haven’t been paying attention. 
  44. early and often
    Scott Walker Suggests Northern Border WallHe calls the possible need for a barrier between the U.S. and Canada a “legitimate issue.”
  45. Canadian MP Blames Tight Underwear for Brief AbsenceBecause “50% off is like catnip to a Winnipegger.”
  46. Small-Scale Attacks by Self-Radicalized Terrorists Are the New NormalIncidents like the Ottawa parliament shootings have taken on scary inevitability. 
  47. shootings
    What We Know About the Canada Parliament ShooterMichael Zehaf-Bibeau was considered a “high-risk traveler” and had his passport revoked.
  48. shooting
    One Shooter, Soldier Dead After Shots Fired in Canadian Parliament [Updated]Reporters on the scene live-tweeted the attack.
  49. other countries’ embarrassments
    Rob Ford Is Back in ActionThe Toronto mayor returned to office after two months in rehab.
  50. america!
    Ted Cruz Renounces Canadian Citizenship, Becomes 50 Percent More AmericanThanks a lot, Canada.
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