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  1. rescues
    Canarsie Fishermen Used Poles to Save Drowning ManResourceful.
  2. flying puppies
    Missing Famous Parrot Found Safe in CanarsieTruman was “screaming” in some guy’s yard.
  3. stupid crime of the day
    When Stealing From Your Housemate, Go for Only the Small ObjectsAnd if you do need to steal the refrigerator, don’t leave it in your own room where he can find it.
  4. neighborhood watch
    First Exhibit: Building the Canarsie Museum Canarsie: Home of the new Canarsie History Museum! [Brooklyn Record] Greenpoint: Christmas decorations, ‘Point-style (right). You should have seen the crèche. [New York Shitty] Park Slope: Need another reason to mock the Slope? Festivus Party. Go. [Brooklynian] Red Hook: The waterfront tries on the nuclear-wasteland look. Strictly temporarily, of course. [Curbed] Union Square: A resounding “no” to a seasonal (in the Shake Shack sense, not the Per Se sense) restaurant. [The Villager]