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Candy Crowley

  1. irs scandal
    Darrell Issa Hopes to Have Proof of IRS Conspiracy Theory SoonFor now, he’s just calling Jay Carney a “paid liar.”
  2. cable news news
    CNN Isn’t ‘Reintroducing’ Candy Crowley, John King, Dana BashThe network shows off most of its marquee talent.
  3. steubenville
    CNN Is Awfully Concerned About the Steubenville RapistsTheir “promising futures” have been dimmed.
  4. master debaters
    Months Later, Debate Co-Chair Says Crowley Was a ‘Mistake’Frank Fahrenkopf gives a pep talk to Nevada Republicans.
  5. early and awful
    Senate Candidate Tells Male Debate Moderator He’s ‘Prettier’ Than Candy CrowleyNot the way to win over women, buddy.
  6. master debaters
    Candy Crowley Vows to Make Herself UsefulShe will ask questions during the debate tomorrow night.
  7. awful things
    Candy Crowley Called Too Fat to Moderate DebateWe wish we were surprised.
  8. master debaters
    Both Campaigns Are Worried About Candy CrowleyShe might dare to ask follow-up questions.
  9. master debaters
    The Presidential Debates Get ModeratorsLehrer, Schieffer, and Crowley win.
  10. in other news
    Candy Crowley on Her New Sunday Role: ‘Someone Will Write Me and Say: Don’t Ever Wear That Again!’“And it will probably be my mother.”
  11. in other news
    Candy Crowley to Take Over CNN’s State of the UnionAt least until CNN gives the show to Jay Leno