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  1. photo op
    Fat A-Rod Is the New Fat JeterAlex Rodriguez looks a bit different in a new photo.
  2. photo op
    Sarah Palin Demonstrates Pro-Fish, Anti-Selfie AgendaShe’s quite clear on this.
  3. pizzagate
    Jon Stewart Has Some Feelings About Bill de Blasio’s Pizza-Eating Style“You’re a man of the people — eat like one.”
  4. stuck in the mittle
    Here Is Mitt Romney Doing a Little Jig Onstage, with a live band!
  5. nypd blues
    NYPD Cars Got Into a Dramatic Crash While Responding to the Same CallNYPD’s Keystone Kops moment.
  6. life imitating seinfeld
    Jerry and George Stroll Into Old Haunt, No Big DealSeinfeld and Costanza visited Tom’s Restaurant today.
  7. photo op
    Photo Quiz: What the Hell Is John Kerry Doing? (Part Three)This time, with potatoes.
  8. other countries’ embarrassments
    Rob Ford Did Some Clubbing Last Night“Very respectful, just trying to have a good time.”
  9. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill de Blasio Eats Pizza With a Fork and Knife, SometimesThe new mayor flip-flops.
  10. legal weed
    World’s Squarest Reporter Destroys Pot Purchased With Expense AccountBummer, dude.
  11. polar vortex
    Bro Pees Outside in Below-Zero Cold, for ScienceSomeone had to do it.
  12. consumer electronics show
    John McAfee Thrilled That Intel Will Stop Using His Name“Worst software on the planet.”
  13. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy Contestants Stumped by Megyn Kelly’s ExistenceWho is Nancy Grace?
  14. the obamas
    Michelle Obama Staying Where It’s WarmHawaii.
  15. i quit!
    City Councilman Writes Resignation in KlingonWhy the hell not?
  16. talking about the weather
    De Blasio’s Snow-Day Symbolism Draws Sharp Contrast With BloombergA mayoral rite of passage: dressing for the storm.
  17. new year’s resolutions
    Fox News: F-cking Sh-t Up in 2014 VideoLive TV is the best TV.
  18. fun facts
    The Building Under the New Year’s Eve Ball Is Mostly AbandonedNo one wants to work inside a tower of billboards.
  19. tv
    Obama Loves GoT, Every Other Top Cable DramaBut Clinton hasn’t convinced him to check out Scandal.
  20. nathan pyle
    How to Avoid a Puddle DisasterIn GIF form. 
  21. office romance
    Eliot Spitzer and Bill de Blasio’s Spokeswoman Need a New Favorite RestaurantFor romantic dates.
  22. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Finally Did Saturday Night LiveBetter late than never.
  23. awkward moments in social media
    Twitter Spent Last Night Eviscerating Justine Sacco [Updated]A tale of racism, stupidity, and the Internet.
  24. photo op
    ‘Obamacare’ Covers Massachusetts HeroinSpecially branded drug baggies!
  25. de mayor
    Twitter Is Tracking Bill De Blasio’s Tardiness [Updated]Goodbye @ElBloombito, hello @HowLateWasBdB.
  26. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Fightin’ for Duck Dynasty HomophobeSaving America from the “intolerants.”
  27. the internet
    Conservatives Really Hate the Obamacare Flannel-Pajamas HipsterIt’s the War on Manhood!
  28. stand clear of the shooting bond
    James Bond Kills Another Kid in Subway Ad Face-off007 must be stopped.
  29. photo op
    Obama Takes Funeral Selfie With Danish PMA magical moment from the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life.
  30. puppies!!!!!!
    Here’s the 2013 White House Christmas Card, Featuring Pop-up PuppiesFrom Bo, Sunny, and the rest of the Obamas.
  31. new york magazine competition
    New York Competition No. 3: My Band Is Playing on ThanksgivingThis week’s game.
  32. bros
    Minnesota Congressional Candidate Not Sorry for Partying Meet Stewart Mills.
  33. bizarre things
    Frank Bruni Found Courtney Love’s iPhone in a CabOnly in New York.
  34. neighborhood news
    Would You Take This Sidewalk Peanut Butter?A box of unopened peanut butters. On the sidewalk. 
  35. trans can get lost?
    NYC-Bound Amtrak Train Winds Up in Philly Suburb After Wrong TurnThey should get GPS on those things.
  36. staten island
    The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal at a Staten Island Best Buy Ever of All TimeForever and always.
  37. new york magazine competition
    New York Competition No. 2: Space OdditiesThis week’s game. 
  38. nice things
    President Obama and Ted Cruz Agree: The Batkid Thing Is NiceA child with leukemia has the best day of his life.
  39. the most important people in the world
    5 Insane Moments From the Alec Baldwin Stalker TrialThe woman was held in contempt and found guilty.
  40. the internet
    New York Post Falls for Super-Old Internet HoaxA Chinese man probably did not sue his wife over an ugly kid.
  41. photo op
    Surprise: It’s Christmastime! The Rockefeller Center tree is here.
  42. strange things
    Last-Place Michael Dilger Got 54 Votes for MayorLast place.
  43. nazi feline puppies!!!!!!!
    Tumblr of the Day: Nazis With CatsA purrfect match.
  44. the racie for gracie
    The Best Post-Election Newspaper Front Page Goes to the TrentonianAnd the Post showed restraint. 
  45. the racie for gracie
    Bill de Blasio Used Lorde’s ‘Royals’ As His Victory Song“We’ll never be royals.”
  46. the racie for gracie
    Election Day Cuteness: Chiara de Blasio Surprises DadFamily ties until the end.
  47. street art
    The Banksy Tour of New York City: Interactive MapWith before and after GIFs!
  48. photo op
    Matt Lauer Frolicking in Baywatch Costume GIFsBoo.
  49. feline puppies!!
    Meet the Cute Brooklyn Couple Who Adopted the Subway KittensArthur and August have a home!
  50. feline puppies!!
    Notorious Subway Kittens Still Homeless, CuteThey’re ready for a new life.
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