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  1. house arrest
    A House Without Rules Makes for C-Span Gone WildInsults about public drinking? Crazy video-game memes? Marjorie Taylor Greene acting normal? It’s chaos on the Hill.
  2. politics
    Biden Backs Progressives Amid Capitol Hill ImpasseIn a meeting with the House Democratic caucus, Biden insisted that passing the infrastructure bill must be linked to the reconciliation bill.
  3. capitol hill
    Chuck Schumer Has ChangedWhy is the former “angry centrist” pushing his party to go bigger, bolder, and more progressive?
  4. politics
    Slain Capitol Police Officer to Lie in Honor at U.S. CapitolWilliam Evans, an 18-year veteran of the Capitol Police, was killed in a vehicle attack outside the Capitol on Friday.
  5. capitol riot
    Multiple Extremist Group Members Arrested: Live UpdatesThe FBI is continuing to round up rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol. Meanwhile, Sunday’s state capitol protests were a non-event.
  6. republican party
    Post-Capitol Hill Riot Polls Reveal Big Problem for GOPEven as Trump’s overall popularity hits all-time lows, a large portion of the Republican base sees him as their champion.
  7. president trump
    In Twist Ending, Trump Presidency Revealed to Be Morality TaleBy putting victory above all else, the greedy old man lost what he valued most.
  8. conservatism
    As ‘Woke Capital’ Turns on Trump, the GOP Turns on ‘Small Government’The movement for “small government” is starting to realize that it has more influence over the state than it does over the corporate sector.
  9. the republican party
    The GOP’s Leaders Are Ditching Trump. Will His Base Ditch Them?After Wednesday’s insurrection, the divide between the Republican old guard and their party’s voting base is larger than ever before.
  10. capitol riot
    What the MAGA Mob at the Capitol Had to Say for Itself“This is what Trump wanted,” said one supporter outside the overrun building.
  11. impeachment
    Impeach and Remove Trump NowThe president just incited a violent insurrection. He can’t be allowed to remain in power another day.
  12. capitol scenes
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is in the BuildingThe first day of a new job isn’t easy for anyone — even if you’re a celebrity.
  13. capitol hill
    House GOP May Go After Democrats for Staging Gun-Control Sit-in Speaker Paul Ryan is also meeting with the leaders of the sit-in, Democrats John Lewis and John Larson. 
  14. capitol hill
    Senate Staffers Were Still Using BlackberriesIt’s probably a good time to shut down their MySpace pages, too.
  15. photo op
    See the Lights Go Out on Capitol HillWell, most of them.
  16. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Had a Trying Day in WashingtonHe toured Capitol Hill to ask for disaster aid.
  17. trayvon martin
    Trayvon’s Mother Tries to Trademark Protest PhrasesLegions of online hawkers are cashing in.
  18. boehner wept
    Boehner Becomes Speaker of the House, CriesJohn Boehner is now officially second in line for the presidency.
  19. congressapalooza
    Pelosi Will Give the Gavel Back, EventuallyHey, no rush.
  20. in other news
    Watch Out D.C. Dailies, Bloomberg News Is Coming For YouThe company plans to bring its financial technology to Capitol Hill.
  21. office dramedy
    ‘You Should be VERY Careful About Such Things. People Like to Brag About Their Connections in D.C.’In which we are entertained by a vigorous e-mail exchange between two administrative aides on the Hill.