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  1. early and often
    The Case(s) Against Donald TrumpIt’s hard to keep track, so we made a guide.
  2. politics
    Drowning in the UndertowReporting from Trump’s America, Jeff Sharlet finds a slow-motion civil war.
  3. early and often
    Trump Says January 6 Violence Was Actually Pence’s FaultIn Trump’s twisted logic, Pence is to blame for the Capitol riot because he refused to steal the 2020 election peacefully.
  4. early and often
    Mike Pence’s Condemnation of Trump Is Still a Sad Work in ProgressThe former vice president’s latest “sharpest” attack on his horrible boss was dull on arrival.
  5. exhibit a
    The January 6 Committee’s Best and Worst Cases Against TrumpThe Justice Department has been given a grab bag of options for prosecution.
  6. exhibit a
    The Secret Court Battle That Threatens Trump After Election DayOver his objections, federal prosecutors are obtaining potentially crucial testimony about January 6.
  7. early and often
    Steve Bannon Sentenced to Four Months in JailA judge allowed him to appeal of his contempt of Congress conviction before serving his sentence though.
  8. 2022 midterms
    Americans’ Indifference About January 6 Is the Real Threat to DemocracyPolls show Donald Trump’s insurrection attempt isn’t a significant issue in the midterms. That shows just how broken our system has become.
  9. capitol riot
    The January 6 Hearings Exposed Trump’s Criminality. Will It Matter?The committee successfully presented its case against the former president. But politically, it may have failed.
  10. exhibit a
    Lock Him Up?: 8 Big Takeaways From the January 6 CommitteeThe committee’s latest session encapsulated both the most impressive and most frustrating aspects of these hearings.
  11. early and often
    The Wildest Revelations From the January 6 CommitteeIn hearings and press reports, witnesses accused Trump of approving of the “hang Pence” chant and attempting to join the mob at the Capitol.
  12. january 6 committee
    Trump’s Incriminating Inaction During the Capitol RiotThe eighth January 6 hearing showed that after months of frantic scheming, Trump had no interest in telling his supporters to stand down.
  13. explainer
    Trump’s Long Campaign to Steal the Presidency: A TimelineThe insurrection wasn’t a one-day event. It was the culmination of a multifaceted, yearslong plot — and it isn’t over.
  14. january 6 committee
    Trump’s Lawyers Screamed at Each Other in ‘Unhinged’ Oval Office MeetingTrump’s conspiratorial advisors tried to convince him of some crazy ideas before it devolved into a “shouting match,” with Giuliani hurling insults.
  15. january 6 committee
    Republicans Exonerate Trump by Whitewashing January 6Rank-and-file Republicans are convincing themselves the Capitol riot was an act of legitimate protest. So who cares whether Trump was involved?
  16. intelligencer chats
    What Has Made the January 6 Hearings Such Great Television?TV writers would kill for some of this dialogue, for one thing.
  17. exhibit a
    It’s Been a Bad Month for the Donald Trump Innocence ProjectHis media supporters denounce the January 6 hearings as a show trial even as they stand by John Durham, a politically driven prosecutor.
  18. capitol riot
    Congressman: January 6 Participant Wasn’t Doing Recon on Capitol TourBarry Loudermilk says a January 5 tour he led, which Republicans had previously denied had happened, was completely innocent.
  19. early and often
    Trump’s Coup Attempt Nearly Included a Saturday-Night MassacreWild new reporting sheds light on DOJ underling Jeffrey Clark’s plot to become attorney general to help Trump overturn the election.
  20. early and often
    Watch Rudy Giuliani Get Dunked on Repeatedly in January 6 HearingsFormer colleagues said Giuliani was “definitely” inebriated as he urged Trump to declare victory and pushed election lies they all knew were “nuts.”
  21. early and often
    Liz Cheney: Staff Said Trump Wanted Mike Pence HangedThe former president was onboard with the January 6 crowd calling for his running mate’s assassination.
  22. early and often
    GOP Contender Against Whitmer Arrested on Capitol Riot ChargesWhat the hell is going on with the Michigan GOP this year?
  23. early and often
    Peter Navarro Got Arrested for Contempt of CongressTrump’s former trade adviser was indicted for refusing to cooperate with the House investigation into the Capitol riot.
  24. capitol riot
    January 6 Committee Orders Kevin McCarthy and Republicans to TestifyThe House panel escalates its investigation in a major way ahead of public hearings.
  25. twitter
    Elon Musk Says He’ll Let Trump Back on TwitterThe incoming owner of Twitter shows some solidarity with his (alleged) fellow billionaire.
  26. early and often
    Rudy Giuliani Will Take Cameo Orders, Won’t Talk to January 6 PanelTrump’s former attorney canceled his appearance at the last minute. But if the House panel has $325, there might be another way.
  27. capitol riot
    NYPD Veteran Convicted of Assaulting Police Officer in Capitol RiotThe Department of Justice continues to rack up guilty verdicts in January 6 cases.
  28. early and often
    Kevin McCarthy Is Empowering House Extremists He Once FearedThe GOP leader was right to worry about Trump and his minions after January 6. Since he didn’t act, it just gave them more leverage over him.
  29. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Talked ‘Marshall Law’ With Trump Chief of StaffThe congresswoman’s text to Mark Meadows on January 17, 2021, shows the Capitol riot wasn’t the last moment of peril for democracy under Trump.
  30. politics
    Under Oath, Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s ‘Never Ever’ Advocated ViolenceIn a hearing to determine if she should be removed from the ballot as an insurrectionist, the MAGA congresswoman made some laughable claims.
  31. politics
    The January 6 Committee Prepares to Go PublicDemocrat Elaine Luria on the “shocking” details they’ve found so far and how they plan to use televised hearings as soon as next month.
  32. politics
    There’s a 7-Plus Hour Gap in Trump’s 1/6 Call LogsInvestigators are looking into whether he might have even used burner phones as the Capitol was under attack.
  33. capitol riot
    Ginni Thomas Urged Mark Meadows to Overturn Election in Unhinged TextsIt looks like the Supreme Court Justice’s wife is pretty into QAnon.
  34. january 6
    Yes, Ginni Thomas Was at the January 6 Rally … But She Left EarlyJustice Clarence Thomas’s wife says she attended the Stop the Steal rally but “got cold” and split before the rioting started.
  35. crime
    The Son Who Brought Down His Insurrectionist FatherGuy Reffitt was convicted in a landmark, emotionally wrenching case.
  36. politics
    Josh Hawley Denies Selling ‘Pro-Riot Mug’The Republican senator is selling a coffee mug depicting his infamous salute to the mob outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6.
  37. politics
    Trump Took Top-Secret Docs to Mar-a-Lago When He Left White House: ReportSeveral papers acquired by the National Archives that Trump held onto were clearly labeled highly classified.
  38. election coup
    Could Trump’s Fake Electors Be Charged With a Crime?The Feds are reportedly looking into holding either fake electors or their Team Trump coordinators liable for the plot to overturn election results.
  39. politics
    Wait, Are Mike Pence and Donald Trump Not on Good Terms?The former VP’s claim that he’s spoken to Trump “probably a dozen times” in the last year has been downgraded to “we talked last summer.”
  40. election coup
    The Election Law Central to January 6 Might Actually Get FixedBoth Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are “open” to reform of the Electoral Count Act.
  41. politics
    Never Mind the Facts. Trump Fans Feel Like a MajorityWhen you’ve been convinced polls are fake and actual elections are rigged, it is easy to confuse visible signs of enthusiasm as a ticket to power.
  42. politics
    The Sad, Unconvincing Case for Pence 2024Despite talk of Pence being the “shadow front-runner” for the GOP nomination, he still has no constituency for a presidential campaign.
  43. politics
    Why Biden Finally Went After Trump on January 6It was a no-brainer for a commemoration of the insurrection Trump incited, but the bigger question is whether Biden keeps at it.
  44. january 6
    There Are Still Confederates in the U.S. CapitolEven as Joe Biden noted with horror January 6 insurrectionists carrying rebel flags, he was surrounded by images of Confederate leaders and officers.
  45. politics
    Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Speak for the GOP on January 6Establishment Republicans stay away, leaving the MAGA fringe to play.
  46. politics
    Biden Says Trump Held ‘Dagger at the Throat’ of Democracy on January 6Biden marked the anniversary with a fiery speech denouncing Trump for spreading a “web of lies” because he couldn’t accept his election loss.
  47. january 6
    Trump’s January 6 Strategy Was All About Mike PenceIn the last year, it’s only become clearer that Pence was Plan A for stealing the election, and Trump kept pressuring him to the bitter end.
  48. capitol riot
    Trump Cancels January 6 Anniversary SpeechHe won’t draw attention to the nadir of his presidency after all.
  49. election law
    Democrats Must Seize Any Chance to Prevent an Election CoupThere are rumors that Senate Republicans might offer a deal to fix the law that enabled January 6. Squandering that opportunity would be very foolish.
  50. politics
    Could Trump Really Depose Mitch McConnell?It’s hard to imagine Republicans denying Donald Trump anything he demanded, but ousting Mitch McConnell as GOP leader won’t be easy.
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