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  1. the morning line
    Strike Two? • Mere months after the cabbie-mollifying rate hike, the City Hall is, once again, getting taxi drivers riled up. Bloomberg’s plan to stick GPS (no navigation, just tracking) and a camera into every cab has many calling for the first strike since 1998. [MetroNY] • The drive to rename (or, as the City Council calls it, co-name) the corner of 53rd and Eighth Jerry Orbach Way has run into a tough community board that opposes such things on principle. How tough? They already shot down Guy Lombardo Place. [NYT] • A prominent, albeit imaginary, Lower East Sider has been viciously murdered today by a sniper’s bullet while exiting a courthouse: Marvel has killed off Captain America, né Steve Rogers. First Libby’s guilty and now this. [NYDN] • And, per gleeful L.A. Times reprint in West Virginia’s Charleston Daily Mail, “Despite New York City Council decision, the n-word [is] still being used.” And we’re fairly sure that somewhere in Charleston, despite the state’s common law, anal sex is still being had. [Charleston Daily Mail]