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Captain Sullenberger

  1. miracle on the hudson
    Sully Toasts to Life on Miracle AnniversaryThe pilot and some of his survivors took a ferry cruise on the river.
  2. miracle on the hudson
    Captain Sully’s Last Flight Is TodayFingers crossed!
  3. miracle on the hudson
    Sully and Langewiesche in Nerdy Pilot ArgumentSully’s a hero, so he wins.
  4. nature’s terrorists
    Goose Attack on Flight 1549 Was ‘Warning Shot,’ Says Expert“Eventually, something is going to happen.”
  5. miracle on the hudson
    Experience Your Own Miracle on the HudsonA new iPhone app allows players to simulate Captain Sullenberger’s heroic moves.
  6. gossipmonger
    Twilight Star Has a Thing for Tina FeyRobert Pattinson likes the hot nerd type.
  7. horrible trends
    People Have to Stop Leaving Other People on BusesLet’s all learn something from Captain Sully.
  8. why they hate us
    Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird Attacks“I’m sure they didn’t intend that,” he told Larry King. HA!
  9. miracle on the hudson
    Sully Rewarded With Useless Key, Boring-Sounding BookThat’s how grateful we truly are.
  10. inaugur-nation!
    Who Is Trying to Steal Obama’s Thunder?Jeremiah Wright, obviously. But there are a couple of other stealth spotlight-stealers…
  11. miracle on the hudson
    Captain Sullenberger to Receive Key to the CityNow he’ll be able to get into Gramercy Park!
  12. miracle on the hudson
    Meet C.B. ‘Sully’ SullenbergerHe’s the hero who saved 155 passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 yesterday.