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Car Crashes

  1. vulture sports
    Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Rollover Car Crash in L.A.He is recovering from a surgery on his right leg and ankle, according to a statement.
  2. self-driving cars
    Tesla Under Investigation After Fatal Crash Is Linked to Self-Driving SystemA Tesla Model S hit a tractor-trailer in Florida while in “Autopilot” mode in May.
  3. More Than 100 Vehicles Involved in Pileup on North Carolina InterstateCovering a six-mile stretch of highway.
  4. scary things
    At Least 26 Hurt After Car Repeatedly Slams Into Pedestrians on Las Vegas StripThe cops are calling the incident, which left one person dead, an intentional act. 
  5. news in 10 headlines
    Fatal ‘Duck Tour’ Accident in SeattleAn amphibious “duck tour” boat collided with a charter bus in Seattle, killing at least four people.
  6. accidents
    Cop Killed in NYPD Van Crash in the BronxEight others were hurt. 
  7. sad things
    Four People Killed in Queens Car WreckA Honda Accord carrying five friends celebrating a birthday plunged into Astoria’s Steinway Creek.
  8. nypd blues
    NYPD Cars Got Into a Dramatic Crash While Responding to the Same CallNYPD’s Keystone Kops moment.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Thirsty DUI Suspect Orders Beer After CrashIf ever one needed a drink …
  10. accidents
    Massachusetts Had Its Own Transportation Nightmare This WeekendA 65-car pileup.
  11. horrible things
    Huge Accident on LIE Involves at Least 32 Cars [Updated]One of them burst into flames.
  12. hunting season
    Sen. Chuck Grassley: ‘Assume Deer Dead’At least they’re in season.
  13. sad things
    Car Strikes and Kills Man Hailing Cab in MidtownHe pushed his wife out of the way, saving her life.
  14. the one percent
    A Bunch of Fancy Sports Cars Ran Into One AnotherIt could be the most expensive car crash in history.
  15. the supremes
    Witness: Antonin Scalia Rear-ends Car on George Washington Parkway, Causes Four-Car Pileup“That’s an originalist interpretation.”
  16. joetorious
    Joe Biden’s Travel CurseNever get in any vehicle associated with Joe Biden in any way.