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Careless Whispers

  1. good ship galleon
    Danielle Chiesi Settles for $540,000 With SECBet that was one exchange that didn’t feel like an orgasm.
  2. careless whispers
    SAC Capital Eyed in SEC Probe of Biotech DealThe circling sharks get closer to their prey.
  3. careless whispers
    Former Managing Director of the NASDAQ Charged With Insider TradingIt’s raining insider-trading allegations!
  4. careless whispers
    The Mets Pick a Preferred Bidder … Not Named Steve CohenCongressional investigation into SAC Capital ramps up.
  5. careless whispers
    Senator Grassley Wants to Probe Steve Cohen’s DerivativesThe investigation meanders into the options market.
  6. careless whispers
    Raj Gupta Was Merely Trying to Fulfill His Destiny As a Billionaire EagleWhen Raj Rajaratnam gave him the chicken flu.
  7. careless whispers
    The Softer Side of Steve Cohen’s Life of LeisureHe finds the Dutch Masters dark and ugly.
  8. careless whispers
    The Mets Try to Get Out of Bed With Steve CohenBreakups are all about perception.
  9. good ship galleon
    Raj Rajaratnam is Found Guilty on All Fourteen Counts [Updated]He faces up to up twenty years in prison.
  10. careless whispers
    Steve Cohen Will Not Be ‘Distracted’ by an ‘Intensifying Probe’Steve’s “pretty confident” he’s not getting charged with insider trading.
  11. careless whispers
    Insider-Trading Investigation Probes Steve Cohen’s ‘Big Book,’ But Not Steve CohenThere’s a whole lot of probing going on.
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    Raj Rajaratnam Gets a Second Chance After Juror DismissedIt’s a good day to have two Raj’s in your full name.
  13. good ship galleon
    Rajaratnam’s Lawyer Hates You So Much Right Now“I hate you, I’m not telling you a thing.”
  14. careless whispers
    What Gives a Hedge-Fund Wife Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?Violence in the Middle East? Nope, try again.
  15. good ship galleon
    Rajaratnam Closing Arguments Feature Cochran Impersonation, Hipster Eye Roll“If it’s public, you must acquit.”
  16. good ship galleon
    Weeks Before Insider-Trading Trial, Rajaratnam Invested in Witness’s Hedge FundNot that there’s anything wrong with that.
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    Say Hello to Chip Skowron III, the Latest Hedge-Funder Charged With Insider Trading [Updated]Over a tip about Human Genome Sciences.
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    Latest Insider-Trading Scheme Started When NYU Law Student Was a Summer Associate at Cravath“I’ve got something.”
  19. careless whispers
    Accomplice Believes Having ‘Numerous Cousins’ Will Help Hide Alleged Insider TradingNo need to burn the money, they’ll never find it.