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Carl Levin

  1. politics
    America’s Congressional ‘Royals’Americans watching the royal wedding have their own dynastic political traditions.
  2. comings and goings
    Six Photos of Carl Levin’s Glasses Pretty Much Falling Off His FaceHe just announced his retirement.
  3. everything they touch turns to goldman
    The Most Pontifical Metaphors in Matt Taibbi’s Latest Goldman Screed“Goldman isn’t a pudgy housewife who broke her diet with a few Nilla Wafers.”
  4. goldmanfellas
    New Senate Report: ‘Goldman Clearly Misled Their Clients and They Misled the Congress’How will Lloyd get out of this one?
  5. america!
    Senator Carl Levin Gets Free Pie From College StudentIn the face!
  6. the goldman sachs pile-on
    Australians Sue Goldman Over ‘Shitty Deal’“Oy! That was us that bought that!”
  7. catfights
    Senator Carl Levin: Pissed About Being Upstaged by Goldman CEO?“I think it disturbed him that Blankfein was getting so much attention.”
  8. rhymes with ditty
    News Shows Can’t Get Enough of Carl Levin’s Dirty MouthShocked by “shitty.”