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Carlos Danger

  1. Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Scandal Is Now a Major Motion PictureWeiner joins the Michael Bay Benghazi epic 13 Hours on the Clinton campaign’s top 10 least-favorite films of 2016.
  2. party chat
    Luis Guzmán Kind of Flattered That Anthony Weiner Used the Name ‘Carlos Danger’“I think it’s also a tribute to how good we are as lovers!”
  3. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Does Not Want to Talk About Carlos Danger“It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person.”
  4. weinergate forever
    Did the New York Post Confront Weiner in a ‘Carlos Danger’ Costume?Weinergate 2.0 might have been more than they could handle.
  5. carlos danger
    Anthony Weiner Lost Count of His Internet LadiesThere were somewhere between six and ten, he says.
  6. weinergate forever
    Weiner Doesn’t Know Who This ‘Carlos Danger’ Guy IsHe’s copped to sexting, but the moniker is too embarrassing.
  7. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner’s Latest Sexting Partner Identified [Updated]She listed him as one of her heroes.
  8. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Appears With Wife Huma Abedin to Downplay Latest Sexy MessagesThe mayoral candidate is not dropping out of the race.
  9. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Admits to Having More CybersexHere we go again.