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    Unsurprisingly, the Feds Are Investigating OzyThe DOJ and SEC are reportedly interviewing Ozy’s potential investors following allegations of fraud that derailed the media company in September.
  2. just asking questions
    Ozy and Embracing the ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ PhilosophyScott Galloway on the rise of the storyteller CEO and the risk of vision becoming fiction.
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    Carlos Watson and Ozy Might Be in Real Legal JeopardyWatson just gave a chatty interview. But he is now speaking to regulators and prosecutors, too — whether he knows it or not.
  4. the media
    Is Ozy Alive or Dead?Embattled CEO Carlos Watson said the shuttered company is having a “Lazarus moment.” Tell that to your employees.
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    Look Upon Ozy’s Mess and DespairThe fallout from a report that a company official impersonated a YouTube executive in a fundraising meeting proved fatal.
  6. the media
    ‘It Was Weird and Culty’: Carlos Watson’s Mismanagement of Ozy“The ritual humiliation began with the lull. When you were comfortable, he came in with a hammer,” says a top staffer. “It was shocking.”