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Carolyn Mccarthy

  1. sad things
    Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy Has Lung Cancer“I am a fighter.”
  2. newtown massacre
    Newtown Massacre Prompts Lawmakers to Pledge to Actually Address Gun Control Could it really happen this time?
  3. politics
    Aurora Shooting Unlikely to Revive the Gun Control DebateLawmakers have mostly avoided speaking about the issue.
  4. crazy in arizona
    How Better Gun-Control Laws Could Have Stopped the Tucson MassacreWhy does anyone need a magazine that holds 33 bullets? How does an insane person pass a background check?
  5. gilli-brand management
    Carolyn McCarthy Will Not Run Against Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010The Long Island congresswoman, who early on vowed to topple the Paterson appointee, has backed off.
  6. gilli-brand management
    Gillibrand Swimming in MoneyNot literally!