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  1. gossipmonger
    Alexander Skarsgard: ‘I Love Being Naked’Oh! We love it too!
  2. gossipmonger
    Ashley Dupré’s Hair Caught on Fire While She Was NakedAnd more celebrities (and quasi-celebrities) get themselves into bad situations, in our daily gossip roundup.
  3. gays
    This California Pageant Girl Makes Carrie Prejean Look Like Richard SimmonsIn other words, she REALLY doesn’t approve of gay people.
  4. gossipmonger
    The Levi Johnston Nudity Disappointment ContinuesCome on, dude, it’s officially two months after we were supposed to have forgotten your name. Give us something, or it’s all over.
  5. in other news
    Michael Musto’s Ode to the AughtsMusto as Carrie Prejean channeling Fred Phelps? Wowza.
  6. gossipmonger
    Lady Gaga Meets Queen ElizabethThe perfect occasion for pleather!
  7. gossipmonger
    Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart Are DatingThe rest of us should just give up on life.
  8. gossipmonger
    Someone Thinks Carrie Prejean Should Run for OfficeYes, it does appear to be the type of person who doesn’t know about TMZ.
  9. carrie prejean
    Carrie Prejean Might Have Seven Other Sex TapesThe glass house continues to fall down.
  10. gossipmonger
    Robert Pattinson Was Thrown by Zac Efron’s Zac Efron–ness“His face is so specific,” the actor said. “It’s kind of surreal.” And more celeb-on-celeb action, in our daily roundup.
  11. in other news
    Larry King Gets Inappropriate With Carrie PrejeanWhen will the persecution end?!?
  12. gossipmonger
    California Pageant Organizers Want Carrie Prejean’s Boobs BackThat, and the rest of today’s body-oriented gossip.
  13. carrie prejean
    Now You Can Be Carrie Prejean As ‘Slutty Spidergirl’ for HalloweenCarrie Prejean’s pre-fame modeling keeps coming back to spider-bite her in the ass.
  14. drama queens
    Carrie Prejean, Comedy Star of Right-Wing SummitShe may not be Miss Universe, but she’s the drama queen of people’s hearts.
  15. gossipmonger
    There Are Two New ‘Real Housewives’ Waiting in the Wings“If the story lines are not interesting enough, there are two housewives who could still be replaced.”
  16. the most important people in the world
    Michael Phelps and Miss California Had a ThingWe’ve been ignoring that blonde floozy and her anti-gay guff, but now she has CROSSED THE LINE.