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  1. Trump Squandered His Opportunity With Union VotersAs Trump’s approval rating in the Rust Belt dips, labor leaders work to help Democrats exploit an opening with working-class Trump voters.
  2. Layoffs Begin Next Month at the Site of Trump’s Famed Carrier DealBy the end of the year, 600 jobs will have been cut.
  3. Trump Says His Trip to Europe Has Already Saved ‘Millions of Jobs’Meanwhile, hundreds of Carrier workers in Indiana are learning that Trump’s trip to their plant didn’t actually save theirs.
  4. Trump’s Miniature Jobs StrategyFord’s announcement that it is cancelling plans to invest in Mexico shows how Trump is stealing a strategy from local and state politics.
  5. early and often
    Carrier Deal Will Ultimately Help Eliminate Some Jobs Trump ‘Saved’An RNC official repeated Trump’s baseless attack on a union leader, and his false claim that more than 1,000 jobs will stay in Indiana.
  6. Trump Tries Out His Strongman Act on Another Private CompanyHe’s called out Boeing on bad information and pushed Carrier into a deal. Is this the new normal?
  7. Trump’s Carrier Deal Is a Hit With VotersTrump’s deal to keep a Carrier plant in Indiana is deeply popular. The president-elect, however, remains anything but.
  8. Sarah Palin Calls Trump’s Carrier Deal ‘Crony Capitalism’The “principled conservative opposition” may have a new leader.
  9. Trump Suggests He Followed Through on Carrier Deal Just to Save FaceTrump says that he didn’t intend for his initial promise to keep the plant in Indiana to be taken literally.