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  1. the money game
    A Once Unthinkable Question: Could Electric-Vehicle Sales Decline in 2024?Growth has long been a given. But a dismal stretch for the industry has at least a few analysts wondering.
  2. uaw strike
    What Trump Gets Wrong (and Right) About the UAW StrikeThe EV transition threatens to hurt unionized autoworkers. But Biden’s policies aren’t to blame.
  3. crime
    Collision CourseThe car wrecks were staged. The injuries were real. Led by a charismatic rogue, one family bloodied itself to pocket $6 million.
  4. the money game
    The World Is Conspiring to Make Driving Suck MoreGas-tax holidays and a hike in global oil production aren’t going to do a damn thing for your gas bills this summer.
  5. post reality
    The Past and Future of the Head-up Display, the Original Augmented RealityHow the head-up display moved from fighter jets to minivans.
  6. environment
    On the Upper West Side, a One-Man War Against Air PollutionGeorge Pakenham takes matters into his own hands when he finds parked cars and trucks with their engines running.
  7. Trump Raises Taxes on Chinese Goods, Eyes Foreign Cars NextTrump slaps tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese imports, while preparing to declare foreign-made cars a “national security threat.”
  8. select all
    Proof That Car Hitler Definitely Existed in Pixar’s Cars UniverseThe math checks out.
  9. Watch: Lexus Covered a Sedan With More Than 40,000 LEDsAnd needed a mile-long length of wire to power them.
  10. select all
    Man Flips Car While Filming Himself Singing, Makes It Out Uninjured“Carpool Karaoke” puts another citizen in danger.
  11. select all
    Is the Self-Driving Car Un-American?Soon, thanks to technology, we’ll be a nation of passengers.
  12. Car Commercials Don’t Need to Be Shot With an Actual Car AnymoreSame goes for car-chase scenes.
  13. This Filling Station in the U.K. Turns Tap Water Into FuelBut it only works for hydrogen-powered cars, so gas guzzlers are out of luck.
  14. Fake Funeral Home Erects Giant ‘Text and Drive’ Billboard in the Name of SafetyHmmmmmm.
  15. Someone Tricked Out a Lamborghini to Look Like the BatmobileHow jealous in Ben Affleck right now?
  16. scandals
    Volkswagen to Buy Back Up to 500,000 Diesel CarsThe German automaker has set aside at least $10 billion to pay for the scandal.
  17. pope francis
    Car Used by Pope Francis in New York Sells for $300,000 at AuctionIt comes with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, an Alpine premium sound system, and a blessing from the archbishop.
  18. FBI Adds Car Hacking to the List of Things You Need to Worry AboutJust one of many.
  19. the sports section
    Yoenis Cespedes’s One-Man Auto ShowOne of them spits fire from its tailpipe.
  20. How Much Better a Parent Will You Be If You Buy a New Tesla SUV?Plug into your greener self, just in time for soccer season!
  21. scandals
    Volkswagen CEO Resigns After Emissions Scandal [Updated]“I am shocked by the events of the past few days.”
  22. no humans allowed
    Terrible Human Drivers Can’t Stop Running Into Google’s Self-Driving CarsThis is the eleventh time someone has reportedly rear-ended the self-driving cars. 
  23. Nearly 34 Million Vehicles Involved in One of the Largest U.S. Recalls EverThe air bags in millions of cars are rupture-prone. 
  24. Cuomo Brings the Chobani Gospel to Cuba“I have never seen a Chevy with a Toyota engine in it.”
  25. Cars Are the New iPhonesYour minivan doesn’t run on the cloud? Where have you been?
  26. driving reign
    Can Car2Go Transform New York Into a City of Drivers?The “one-way car-share” revolution has arrived.
  27. Tesla’s New Model D Is Not a Self-Driving CarStill has a funny name, though.
  28. joetorious
    Joe Biden Sat Biden-ly in a Red Convertible TodayThe vice-president attended a preview of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
  29. Determined to Be Cooler, Avis Buys ZipcarGet ready for more trips to Ikea.
  30. transportation
    Public Transportation Is Basically Useless, Study FindsCars are faster.
  31. scary things
    Car Manages to Fall Down Elevator Shaft at Parking GarageThe FDNY live-tweeted their response.
  32. linsanity
    Linsanity: Now a Vehicle to Sell VolvosBadum ching!
  33. transportation
    The B.Q.E. Isn’t Getting Any BetterThe construction will never end.
  34. the one percent
    A Bunch of Fancy Sports Cars Ran Into One AnotherIt could be the most expensive car crash in history.
  35. bons mots
    Gay Talese: ‘There Are Midgets That Are Attractive, But I Never Met One’The legendary writer explains why he’s never had sex in the back of his 1957 Triumph TR3.
  36. and step on it!
    In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like ThisThe Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.
  37. snowmageddon
    It Is Not a Good Time to Own a Car in NYCYou’ve probably got a parking ticket, is what we’re saying.
  38. snomg
    Watch City Sanitation Vehicles Total a Ford Explorer in Brooklyn HeightsIt’s like watching a child play with toy trucks. Only crunchier.
  39. ballsy crime
    A Sign Your Hedge-Fund Manager May Be Committing FraudHe purchases a custom-designed Lamborghini with a rhinestone-bedazzled logo.
  40. a night to remember
    Brooklyn Couple Gets Arrested Attempting to Bring the Passion BackAt least it was a memorable evening.
  41. cars
    New Technology Might Save Phone-Using Drivers from ThemselvesAnd, most vitally: us from them.
  42. the great american hustle
    ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Hugely Successful at Buying People New Pickup TrucksIf you thought people were trading in their old Ford F150s for Toyota Priuses, you were horribly wrong.
  43. cars
    That Weird Obsessive Car-Brand Loyalty Might Be FadingWhat will Calvin pee on next?
  44. The Government Will Keep Taking Your Crap CarsFinally, a government program that’s too popular for its own good.
  45. Texting-While-Driving Bill Finds Poster BoyThis guy needs to never drive again.
  46. neighborhood news
    Angled Parking Spaces Throw Queens Streets Into ChaosDamn smart people, with your science!
  47. cars say the darndest things
    How You Know Your Assistant Is Mad at YouSpotted on 33rd Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, a Town Car waiting innocently for a pickup.
  48. the greatest depression
    GM Emerges From Bankruptcy, Much Faster Than ExpectedWith the sale of its good assets to a government-controlled group, the auto giant exits Chapter 11.
  49. the downturnaround
    Ford Needs to FocusFord has been running a public-relations campaign promoting their lack of reliance on the government. But so far, it sounds pretty weak.
  50. the greatest depression
    Arrivederci, Chrysler!As of this morning, the car company is officially Fiat’s problem.
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