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  1. russia investigation
    Inspector General Finds Russia Investigation Wasn’t an FBI Witch HuntYes, Michael Horowitz says mistakes were made in pursuing a wiretap on Carter Page, but no political bias in investigating the Trump campaign.
  2. impeachment
    Washington’s Jam-packed December Will Cast a Long Shadow on 2020With impeachment proceedings, a big DoJ report on the Russia investigation, and a possible government shutdown in play, it could get crazy.
  3. russia investigation
    Newly Disclosed FISA Applications Disprove ‘Witch Hunt’ Claims From Trump, NunesNew documents show that the infamous Nunes memo fudged key facts about the start of the Russia investigation — though Trump is claiming the opposite.
  4. the national interest
    Carter Page Is a Very Strange Republican Choice for Martyr in the Russia ScandalThe GOP looks for its Alger Hiss, settles on shady goofball.
  5. russia investigation
    Carter Page Claimed He Was Adviser to Kremlin in 2013 LetterThis guy.
  6. the national interest
    Republicans: If Poor Carter Page Can Be Wiretapped, Who Among Us Is Safe?The secret memo is apparently motivated only to safeguard civil liberties, not to protect Trump.
  7. Trump Adviser Clovis Nomination to USDA Torpedoed by Russia ProbeIt’s been a long, strange trip for Trump adviser Sam Clovis since he joined the team in Iowa.
  8. Trump Transition Team Told to Hold On to Any Russia-Related StuffBecause investigators are probably going to want to see it.
  9. Former Trump Adviser Used Maroon 5 Lyrics in a Letter to the Justice DepartmentCarter Page turned to Adam Levine & Co. for help making his point.
  10. Senators Reportedly Ask Trump Pals for Records of Russia ContactsThe Senate Intelligence Committee finally appears to be getting to work.
  11. fake news
    Exclusive! Carter Page’s Dating Profile“I like all types, provided you don’t work for any intelligence agencies, but what are the odds that you would?”
  12. Russian Think Tank Reportedly Crafted Plan to Influence U.S. ElectionThe think tank’s documents were a key part of the U.S. government’s conclusions about Putin’s alleged meddling.
  13. russia investigation
    FBI Obtained FISA Warrant to Monitor Former Trump Adviser Carter Page: ReportHe said it shows the “Clinton/Obama regime” was suppressing dissidents, and compared his situation to the monitoring of Martin Luther King Jr.