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  1. batty old folks
    Ted Turner Has Some Ideas for CNNMore China and more Captain Planet, please.
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    And So the Boston ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Crisis Comes to an End • Reimbursing city and state agencies for their costs in shutting down highways and bringing in bomb squads to remove the Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertisements placed throughout the Boston area Wednesday: $1 million • Donating to help fund homeland security and other programs in the area, in what is clearly a boy-are-we-sorry PR move by Turner Broadcasting: $1 million • Commissioning the advertising campaign in the first place: Cost unknown • Scaring the shit out of gullible chowder eaters for an afternoon: Priceless TBS, Interference to Pay $2 Million for Advertising Campaign That Caused Bomb Scare in Boston [AP via Yahoo]
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    Boston Cartoon Attack Was, Well, a GlitchSo those two hair-obsessed guys arrested in Boston for planting the Aqua Teen Hunger Force non-bombs that terrified New England? A bit of creative Googling reveals that both men — Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 27, who goes by “Zebbler” — are affiliated with a “live performing video force” called — and this is the sort of fun part — Glitch. Well, yes. We suspect that Turner Broadcasting, parent of Aqua Teen’s home, the Cartoon Network, sees this as quite the glitch. Which perhaps explains the whole thing: It’s all part of Time Warner, and Time Warner is trying to be more synergistic, and didn’t Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore just say her company needs to fail more? This, folks, is failure done right. Two Men Charged After Boston Security Scare [Reuters]