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  1. unreal estate
    There’s a Castle for Sale in the BronxPrepare for the De Blasio era. 
  2. the greatest depression
    Nicolas Cage Forced to Sell His CastleDamn you, economy!
  3. in other news
    He Vants to … Avoid Traffic on the Henry Hudson The towering turrets, the pine-swathed Carpathians, the wolves baying at the moon — what piece of real estate has creepier curb appeal than that thirteenth-century Transylvanian pile, Dracula’s Castle? It’s now on the market for $78 million, a price that would have even the most blood-sucking Manhattan brokers grasping for their silver crosses. But, then, those New York Realtors might well have an in with the owner: Sixty-nine-year-old Dominic von Habsburg lives in the Westchester burg of North Salem. Descended from Austro-Hungarian royalty, von Habsburg is a furniture designer living in a decidedly un-Gothic, one-floor contemporary. “My friends call it a house for easy living,” says von Habsburg, who built the home a few years ago. “It’s very airy, simple and full of light.”