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  1. life after roe
    Nancy Pelosi Communion Ban Is a Challenge to Pope FrancisThe Vatican opposes the weaponization of Communion and stopped bishops from barring President Biden. Will Francis intervene on Pelosi’s behalf?
  2. polarization
    We Are Two Nations, DivisibleWhile Americans claim to want bipartisanship, our differences are clearly real and deep-seated. Embracing this is far healthier than denying it.
  3. religion
    Catholic Bishops Move Toward Denying Biden CommunionConservative bishops are trying to be more Catholic than the pope on enforcing opposition to abortion. A big fight is brewing.
  4. religion
    Americans Who Belong to a House of Worship Are Now a MinorityThe 21st century has seen a rapid decline in religious membership. But the country has been even more “churchless” in the not-so-distant past.
  5. politics
    Biden Will Run a Very Un-Waspy GovernmentWomen, Blacks, Latinos, Catholics, and Jews: This ain’t your grandfather’s Cabinet.
  6. georgia senate runoffs
    Doug Collins’s Sacrilegious Attack on Raphael WarnockGeorgia Republicans are engaged in holy war against Christian minister Warnock and his hallowed Atlanta church.
  7. vision 2020
    Trump Says Biden Is ‘Against the Bible’Our religiously illiterate president really needs to stop claiming the mantle of faith and denying it to others.
  8. conservatism
    No, Theocracy and Progressivism Aren’t Equally AuthoritarianA Harvard Law professor called for turning the U.S. into a Catholic theocracy. Conservatives offered an interesting defense.
  9. vision 2020
    Conservative Poll Says Real Catholics Love TrumpTrump supporters are trying to delegitimize Catholics who encounter the president and smell brimstone.
  10. vision 2020
    Poll: Jewish Voters Are Indifferent to Jewish Presidential CandidatesAccording to a new survey, Sanders and Bloomberg are running fourth and fifth among Jewish Democratic voters.
  11. abortion
    Can Anti-Abortion ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Snag Federal Family-Planning Funds?One branch of the anti-abortion movement is trying to rebrand itself as pro-contraceptive, just like Republican politicians.
  12. Kavanaugh: A Safe Supreme Court Pick Who Will Carry Out the GOP’s Extreme AgendaHe’s a careful jurist whose murky abortion stance will make it easier for pro-choice GOP senators to pretend that the future of Roe v. Wade is secure.
  13. Conservative Leader Seems to Rule Out Catholics — and Women? — for Chaplain JobMark Walker thinks clergy that haven’t “walked in the shoes” of the married men who dominate Congress can’t relate to them adequately.
  14. Evangelicals Have Displaced Catholics As the Anti-Abortion Movement’s BaseThe shift of white Evangelicals into the anti-abortion camp has had a lot to do with partisan polarization over abortion policy.
  15. 500 Years After the Reformation Began, Christians Still DividedThe big dividing line among Christians today isn’t between Catholics and Protestants, but between liberals and conservatives in all faith traditions.
  16. Trump’s Blunderful Approach to Wooing CatholicsAfter a series of gaffes, he is in danger of losing white Catholics, which is hard for a Republican to do.
  17. Trump Has a Catholic Problem. But How Bad Is It?A new study shows him shockingly far behind.
  18. brooklyn
    The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Wants to Be Your Date for MassAnd the campaign is a tad bit creepy.
  19. bang
    Pope Francis Almost Backs Evolution, Big Bang TheoryGod, he says, is not “a magician with a magic wand.”
  20. early and awkward
    Bishop Asks Voters to Write In Dead CatholicsAs always, it’s about abortion.
  21. religion
    Pope Francis Not Actually Cool With Abortion, in Case You MisunderstoodHe clarified today after yesterday’s shocking comments.
  22. the catholic vote
    Paul Ryan Still Not Clinching the Catholic Vote for Mitt RomneyWhich now favors Obama by 15 points.
  23. Santorum Struggles With His Own Base: CatholicsRomney leads Santorum among the Republic Catholic vote.
  24. 2012
    Obama’s Contraception Rule Has Republicans Remembering Social IssuesGOP candidates and Catholic leaders appreciate the opening to battle the administration on a social issue.
  25. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Defends His Halfhearted Fight Against Marriage Equality in New York“Whatever, I didn’t want to have a say in this anyway.”
  26. equal rites
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Has Been ‘a Little Down Recently’Wait, why?
  27. equal rites
    Brazil Legalizes Civil Unions for Gay CouplesThe Supreme Court handed down a near-unanimous ruling yesterday.
  28. catholics
    Televangelist Priest Confesses Affair With CousinNotes from a scandal.
  29. the gods must be crazy
    Philadelphia Archdiocese Suspends 21 PriestsHallelujah?
  30. cuomolot
    Church Leader: Andrew Cuomo Is Living in ‘Public Concubinage’Ew.
  31. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Did Not Hide $130 Million to Avoid Paying Off Sex-Abuse Settlements, Says Archbishop Timothy DolanSome trouble from Milwaukee is following our guy.
  32. the gods must be crazy
    Alberto Cutié to Get Syndicated Talk ShowThe former Catholic priest will be dishing out advice.
  33. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Elected President of U.S. Conference of Catholic BishopsThis was unexpected.
  34. stupid crime of the day
    Connecticut Priest Fakes Cancer, Embezzles Church Money for Male EscortsGod, priests are always secretly cancer-free, aren’t they?
  35. the gods must be crazy
    From St. Peter’s Square, Pope Asks for ForgivenessThis is the first time he’s done so from a pulpit in the Church’s holy seat.
  36. the gods must be crazy
    Pope Assigns Archbishop Dolan, Others to Irish-Church Review PanelThe investigation team will look into churches and seminaries there.
  37. the gods must be crazy
    Pope: ‘The Greatest Persecution of the Church Doesn’t Come From Enemies on the Outside But Is Born From the Sins Within the Church’Maybe the Church’s latest troubles aren’t the fault of the ‘Times’ after all!
  38. the gods must be crazy
    Times Sets Sights on Vatican Chief DefenderToday’s paper examines the past decisions of Cardinal William Levada.
  39. the gods must be crazy
    Vatican: Pope May Apologize for Handling of Abuse CasesYou may have assumed he’s done this before.
  40. the gods must be crazy
    Conservative Catholic Leaders Reacting More Strongly to Abuse ScandalTwo news stories today demonstrate a change in the wind.
  41. the gods must be crazy
    Pope Breaks Silence Over Recent Church Scandals“I have to say that we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word ‘penance,’ which seems too harsh.”
  42. the gods must be crazy
    Atheists Want to Arrest the PopeRichard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are trying to build a case for “crimes against humanity.”
  43. the gods must be crazy
    On Good Friday, Church Compares Persecution of Jews to Current Scrutiny Over Priest Pedophilia Cover-UpsThe ‘Times’ continues flagellating the Church.
  44. the gods must be crazy
    Vatican Goes After Times Over CoverageMaureen Dowd is just “silly.”
  45. the gods must be crazy
    Pope Defended on Palm SundayTimothy Dolan took to the pulpit to speak up for his boss.
  46. the gods must be crazy
    Pope Benedict Chose Not to Punish, or Alert Authorities About, Priest Who Molested 200 Deaf ChildrenFather Lawrence Murphy instead was allowed to minister to children all the way up to his death in 1998.
  47. the most important people in the world
    Anne Hathaway Leaves Catholic Church for Gay Brother“Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?”
  48. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Dolan Launches Attack on New York Times“The most combustible example of all came Sunday with an intemperate and scurrilous piece by Maureen Dowd.”
  49. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Welcome to the BlogosphereBeware, people can talk back to you when you’re in this particular pulpit.
  50. the gods must be crazy
    Jolly New Archbishop Not Laughing About Marriage EqualityWell-known scientist Timothy Dolan claims that lifelong marriage between one man and one woman is “embedded in the human DNA.”
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