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  1. ink-stained wretches
    Why Time ‘Person of the Year’ Taylor Swift Is Wearing a CatHere are answers to all your questions about America’s foremost cat lady, and how Benjamin Button landed his first magazine cover.
  2. early and often
    Why Are Conservative Men So Scared of Cat Ladies?Matt Gaetz and J.D. Vance appear to feel threatened by single female cat owners. They’re not the first.
  3. first feline
    White House Cat Arrives, Ending Only Biden Scandal I Care AboutWillow Biden proves there can be miracles when you believe — or when you stop believing and publicly complain about Biden breaking a dumb promise.
  4. first feline
    I’ll Believe We’re Getting a White House Cat When I See ItMy president told me we were getting a cat. All I have right now is a new puppy and more promises.
  5. pop quiz
    We Asked Curtis Sliwa to Name All 16 of His CatsAn unusual challenge for an unusual Republican candidate for New York City mayor.
  6. cat politics
    White House Cat Imminent, Bidens SayDespite a White House official warning that the cat will “break the internet,” the First Family is moving forward with the additional pet.
  7. vision 2020
    Stop Entering the Democratic Party PrimaryOnly God should enter the Democratic primary now.
  8. the panopticon
    A List of Every Animal That Humans Can Spy on With Facial RecognitionIt’s way more than you think.
  9. select all
    Just a Really Good Cat Video With a Funny Twist That You Should Watch“Large cat spotted.”
  10. select all
    The .Cat Domain Is Caught in the Middle of a Spanish Political BattleWhat will become of the thousands of cat-based domains?
  11. select all
    Today in Good Animal Livestreams: ‘Keeping Up With the Catdashians’The 24/7 stream is sponsored by the Icelandic Cat Protection Society and features a dollhouse full of kittens.
  12. select all
    Cat Figures Out How to Scale Refrigerator to Get ‘Turnt on Fresh, Crisp Water’Pretty smart cat.
  13. select all
    Please Stop Dressing Up As Your Pet’s Favorite ToyOnce was enough.
  14. new york city
    Feral Cats Are Being Deployed in New York’s War on RatsA team of strays who were relocated to the Javits Center have eliminated the need for exterminators.
  15. select all
    Clinton Proposes Tech Strategies: ‘Unplug the Internet or Just Look at Cat GIFs’She also pronounced “GIF” with a hard “g.”
  16. select all
    If You Find the Hidden Cat in This Image, Your Prize Is an Image of a Sleepy CatIt’s in there somewhere.
  17. Finally, There’s a Video Game Where You Can Play As a CatWho hasn’t dreamed of being a cat?
  18. select all
    The Story Behind Snapchat’s Coolest New Filter, ‘Breading’The origins of your new favorite filter.
  19. This Cat-Filled German Supermarket Ad Is Going ViralCats pushing grocery carts? Yes, please.
  20. We Can’t Stop Laughing at These Photoshopped Pictures of a Two-Legged CatMe-ouch. (I’m sorry.)
  21. This Device Lets You Spy on Your Pets While You’re Away All DayWe imagine this might also work to spy on roommates? Not that we condone that sort of behavior.
  22. select all
    South Korea’s Hottest Livestream: Stray Cats EatingIt’s soothing.
  23. select all
    The Internet’s New Celebrity Cat Is a Coconut-Oil Addict Called ‘Goal Kitty’You may have seen the tragic pictures floating around the internet: a black cat with a white splotch on her front, her paws awkwardly splayed up and out.
  24. select all
    Look at This Cat Struggling With a HammockHaha, dumb cat.
  25. Cat Gets Stung in the Nose by Bee, Becomes Japanese Internet SensationThis poor cat’s fame grew as quickly as its nose.
  26. Happy Monday! Please Enjoy Pickle Cat, the Internet’s Current Best WebsiteIt’s a cat, and pickles.
  27. Cops Ask for Quiet; Citizens Give Them Cat PicsLolcats ou censure?
  28. Is Scaring Your Cat With a Cucumber Bad for It?First came the viral videos. Then came the backlash.
  29. Is There an Amtrak Cat Café Car in Your Future?These legislators really want to bring their pets on the Acela Express.
  30. sad scary things
    Florida Is Home to at Least One Zombie CatHow else do you explain the fact that it crawled out of the grave
  31. the future of purr-blishing
    Who Killed Cat Fancy?This was much more than another print-is-dead tale.
  32. people are terrible
    Worst Person Ever Charged in Yonkers Cat DeathsHe stuffed them into plastic bags.
  33. the revolution will be meow’d
    The Feline Uprising Is Upon UsCats are mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it anymore.
  34. feline puppies!!
    Kicked Cat Ready for a Home Where He Won’t Be Kicked AgainA happy ending.
  35. feline puppies!!
    Kicked Cat Is Recovering NicelyGood news.
  36. feline puppies!!
    Animal Rescuers Found Brooklyn Cat-Kicker’s Feline Victim After a two-and-a-half-hour chase.
  37. nightmares
    Way Too Many Dead Cats Found Hanging From Trees in WestchesterMore than zero is always too many.
  38. feline puppies!!
    Your Cat Can Unlock an iPhone 5S With Its Paw Print Why this may or may not be useful. 
  39. the racie for gracie
    Cats Photos: Remembering John Catsimatidis’s Campaign in 12 Wonderful PicturesThe Gristedes billionaire will almost certainly lose, but he’ll live on in our hearts.
  40. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Claims He Is Not the ‘Anti-Kitten Candidate’ in Final GOP Debate But John Catsimatidis stole the show, as always.
  41. survival of the cutest
    Meet Wasabi, the Cat Who Survived an Eleven-Story FallThe month of kitty survival stories continues.
  42. stand clear of the closing doors
    Is It Worth Shutting Down Two Train Lines to Save a Couple of Kittens?The MTA says yes. 
  43. ex presidents
    George W. Bush Did Another Cat PaintingThese are pretty rare.
  44. rivalries
    A Very Emasculating Thing Happened to the NYPD TodayAn officer got stuck in a tree and had to be rescued by the FDNY. 
  45. animanhattan
    Times Square Barker Finds a Lost Long Island CatTwo years later.
  46. Cat Goes to Vet for Flea Bath, Gets EuthanizedRest in peace, Lady.
  47. sad things
    R.I.P. Sponge Bob the 33-Pound CatSponge Bob was the world’s fattest cat.
  48. feline helicopter puppies!!
    Cat Is a Helicopter NowHere’s a video of him flying.
  49. commercialized cats
    Verizon Workers Rescue Strangled Cat From Tree, Name It FiosSome sick individual hung Fios from a tree with a wire around its neck.
  50. sad things
    Jack, the Lost JFK Airport Cat, Is DeadWe’re sure he was welcomed warmly at the Purrly Gates.
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