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  1. party chat
    What Does Martha Stewart Do When She Gets Too Much Stuff?“I build a house! What a silly question.”
  2. opposite puppies!!!!!!
    Kitty Litter Lawsuit: ‘Cats Do Not Talk’Just for the record.
  3. princess chunk
    RIP Princess ChunkHe shone briefly, but boy did he shine bright.
  4. oh england!
    British Lady Who Threw Away Someone’s Cat for No Reason Is Kind of SorryMeet England’s bizarro Susan Boyle.
  5. stupid crime of the day
    Cat Woman on the Loose in Manhattan!A woman in a cat mask is robbing high-end shops.
  6. animanhattan
    There Are Catios All Around YouDon’t know what that is? Oh, silly. It’s a cat patio.
  7. what other people do at work
    Inside the Weird, Wonderful World of Consumer Reports“This year, ‘Consumer Reports’ ordered 80 small bags of Maine coon cat hair from a cattery and then repeatedly spread 15 grams on an 18-inch by 54-inch strip of carpet. “
  8. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd Does Not Want to Say the Word ‘Honky’Chuck Todd is afraid to say this out loud.
  9. animanhattan
    Adoption Rate Up, Kill Rate Down at City Animal SheltersIt’s because of the recession, of course.
  10. neighborhood news
    Is Your Mutant Cat Missing?Someone found it.
  11. cats
    Herding Cats Is Indeed DifficultEven in a one-bedroom apartment in East New York.
  12. cats
    Cat Toilet Training: The Rewards and RisksIt’s a slow news day over at ‘The Wall Street Journal.’
  13. friday
    Here Is a Photo of an Extremely Fat CatHe is called Socrates.
  14. It’s Official: Dogs Rule, Cats DroolA British study proves that feline intelligence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  15. neighborhood news
    Tina Turner Lost in BrooklynIn which we worry over the fate of a cheekily named cat.
  16. snuff films
    Here’s a Video of a Cat Inside a Washing MachineInhumane? Or hilarious?
  17. puppies!!!!!!
    So What Is Your Dog Saying to You?A new poll out says that 62 percent of people think they understand what their pets are barking or meowing about.
  18. in other news
    Princess Chunk Outrageously Exploited!They’ve got him all gussied up and looking like a common alley tart!
  19. in other news
    Princess Chunk Finds Castle of His Own: A Fairy TaleThe famous 44-pound cat has found a home, complete with litter-box castle, in southern New Jersey.
  20. it just happened
    Breaking News: Princess Chunk a Victim of ForeclosureThe mortgage crisis has an adorable, slightly bloated, new mascot.
  21. intel
    Deciphering Princess Chunk’s Private PartsOn ‘Live’ today, Regis and Kelly figure out the gender of New York’s favorite fat cat.
  22. intel
    Anderson Pooper Also Has a ‘360°’Do not do this to your cat at home.
  23. in other news
    Introducing Anderson PooperThe official best name of a gray cat, ever.
  24. company town
    Jimmy Cayne Gets His Body GuardedWall Street goes back to work, Bob Schieffer postpones retirement, and a cat owner is charged with cruelty in our roundup of finance, media, and law news.
  25. party lines
    Big Pussy Wants to Send a Little Pussy to SchoolSimply airing TV commercials featuring an insidiously catchy jingle is apparently no longer an adequate way to sell cat food, and so the Meow Mix people yesterday opened the “Meow Mix Acatemy” (Get it? A-cat-emy? Hilarious) in the Daryl Roth Theater on Union Square. For the next week, New Yorkers will be invited to “learn to think like a cat” by taking seminars with titles like “Feline Freud,” “Understanding Your Cat’s Meow,” and “What Is My Cat Doing and Why.” For the opening-night festivities last night, a fifteen-piece marching band from St. John’s University played that dastardly tune, accompanied by cheerleaders chanting “LETS … GO … COOL … CATS!”
  26. neighborhood watch
    Homeless Kittens Beautify Bushwick Bushwick: Totally cute kitties (pictured) looking for a good home. [Newyorkshitty] East Village: If $1,250 sounds like a lot for this two-bedroom share, you’ll spend less on clothes, because they’re optional here. [Craigslist via Curbed] Flushing: Pale Male has outer-borough cousins … red-tailed hawks have taken up residence inside the 1964 World’s Fair Unisphere. [Queens Chronicle] Harlem: Starbucks … it’s not just on 125th Street anymore. Looks like that 145th St. branch will open Monday. [Uptown Flavor] Park Slope: A group called the Transformers came all the way from Wisconsin to help fix the Old First Church. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Williamsburg: The development going up on the site of the old Roebling Oil Field will have something special … a pump that separates water from the oil that’s trapped underground. [Gowanus Lounge]
  27. in other news
    ‘New Yorker’ Critic Seeks Blogger Cred, Has Pussy GaloreWe’re as always glad to see highfalutin writers embracing the blog polloi — especially New Yorker classical-music critic Alex Ross, whose thoughtful blog has always been a winning accompaniment to his pieces in the magazine. One does start to wonder, though, if even such august figures can start to take the bloggy stereotypes a bit too seriously: One presumes he was wearing pajamas when he wrote this. On the Road [The Rest Is Noise]
  28. intel
    Jersey Kitten Named Cat Champ, Doesn’t Care The smell at the fourth annual Iams Cat Championship hits you before the cuteness does. Held in the Expo room in the bowels of Madison Square Garden, the show — sponsored by the century-old Cat Fanciers Association — featured felines representing 41 certified breeds, booths advertising “world’s best kitty litter,” charcoal drawings of cats drinking out of toilets, and presentations like “The Secret Sex Lives of Dogs & Cats.” (Can’t some things stay secret?) Sunday was time for the Best of the Best awards, the kitty equivalent of Best in Show. (It came after the trained-cat show and the feline agility competition.) The judging took place in the front of the room, before dozens of people on folding chairs, on a stage with a small, pink-beribboned table. The judge, Walter Hutzler, brought out each cat and held it aloft, stretching it out vertically or horizontally into a sort of Superman pose, before setting it down briefly on the table. The crowd oohed and aahed constantly. Two gray-haired announcers — Kent Highhouse, in a tux, and Gail Frew, in a black pantsuit — sat to the left of the stage, keeping up a running commentary.