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  1. the morning line
    A Third-Rate Burglary? • As we cynically predicted, the story of Giuliani’s suddenly public ‘08 battle plan swiftly moved from the plan’s contents to who obtained it and how; the Giuliani camp says it was “borrowed” from an aide’s suitcase, photocopied, and returned. Exciting stuff. [NYS] • A construction worker dubbed a “Subway Superman” (by both tabs) leaped in front of an oncoming train to drag a stranger to safety. Better yet, he did it while wearing a ski cap with a Playboy Bunny, which is mysteriously logo-free on the Post cover. [NYDN; NYP] • Subpoenas continue to fly in the Joe Bruno probe. The State Senate chief — and, as of two days ago, New York’s top Republican — is under scrutiny for corruption, and the latest FBI target is an Albany investment firm Bruno did consulting for. [NYDN] • NYC taxis will help map out the city’s many pesky cell-signal dead zones: Ericsson, the Stockholm-based phone maker, got the Taxi & Limousine Commission to install sensors in cab trunks. The Swedes are under the cute illusion that “cabs go everywhere.” [Fox News] • And in a bit of truly silly timing, Cites — an international environmental agency — lifted its ban on sevruga and osetra caviar imports from the Caspian Sea. The news should send corks popping at Petrossian and become relevant to the general consumer in, let’s see, about 362 days. [NYT]