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  1. minimum wage
    A $15 Minimum Wage Would Raise Pay for 27 Million, CBO EstimatesThe Congressional Budget Office also projected that the policy would cost the economy 1.3 million jobs, though that estimate is highly uncertain.
  2. government shutdown
    Government Shutdown Will Cost the U.S. $3 Billion, CBO ProjectsIn alarming news for Trump, the budget office also predicts that economic growth will slow markedly in 2020.
  3. After Blowing Up the Deficit, House Passes Mostly Phony Spending CutsThis “spending clawback” bill involves the budgetary equivalent of sofa-cushion money.
  4. The CBO Won’t Score the Final Trumpcare Bill for WeeksTo pass the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill, Senate Republicans will need to vote for the law before the budget office releases a coverage estimate.
  5. Talking to the Former CBO Director About the Health-Care FightDoug Elmendorf, who oversaw the CBO during the battle over Obamacare, on how the agency operates.
  6. Senate GOP Has Asked CBO to Score 2 Versions of Revised Health-Care Bill: ReportIt appears that versions with and without Senator Ted Cruz’s proposed amendment have been sent off for analysis.
  7. CBO: Medicaid Cuts Will Snowball Down the Road Under Senate Health-Care BillThe design of the Senate health-care bill is to slowly introduce Medicaid cuts that will grow much larger as time goes by.
  8. Trump Official Incompetently Defends Administration’s CompetenceMick Mulvaney tried to explain how he hadn’t actually made a math error — and ended up suggesting that he doesn’t know the basics of Trump’s tax plan.
  9. GOP Lawmaker: No One Can Truly Know Whether My Bill Will Kill PeopleThe CBO says Trumpcare will price out poor sick people. MacArthur says CBO experts are “not prophets,” and the effects of his bill are unknowable.
  10. Trumpcare Would Leave More Uninsured Than Simply Repealing ObamacareThe GOP managed to write a health-care bill that covers fewer people than merely repealing Obamacare without a replacement, according to the CBO.
  11. The GOP Just Made Its Bait and Switch on Health-Care Reform ExplicitAfter promising a plan that would provide “better care” at “lower costs,” Paul Ryan touts the fact that his bill cuts taxes and lowers the deficit.
  12. Breitbart Keeps Turning Up the Heat on Paul RyanEven as administration figures rallied around the GOP health plan, Trump’s fans at Breitbart used it as fresh ammunition in its war on the Speaker.
  13. Trump’s Budget Director Playing Key Role in Obamacare Replacement DramaFor Mick Mulvaney, this is part of the big project of privatizing Social Security and Medicare.
  14. important ceilings
    CBO Says Revised Boehner Plan Cuts More Than $900 BillionThe House will vote on it tomorrow.
  15. health carnage
    Democrats Will Finish This Endless Health-Care Thing on SundayDemocrats are now set to vote on Sunday.
  16. health carnage
    So What’s in This Senate Health-Care Bill?Pundits and experts pick out some interesting bits.
  17. health carnage
    It’s Back! The Public Option LivesMax Baucus: “This issue is alive.”
  18. health carnage
    Baucus Bill Saves Money (for Now!), and … Doesn’t Do Much ElseAnd more news on the current goings-on of health-care reform.