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    When Your Central Park Softball Teammate Is a Former Yankees StarC.C. Sabathia is playing rec-league softball this season and mashing the ball all over Central Park’s North Meadow.
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    CC Sabathia Says He’s Been Battling Alcoholism for YearsHe spoke with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America in this first interview since entering alcohol rehab.
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    Weekend Bender Reportedly Preceded CC Sabathia’s Rehab DecisionTwo reports point to a weekend of drinking in Baltimore.
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    On Eve of Playoffs, CC Sabathia Is Checking Himself Into Rehab“I want to take control of my disease, and I want to be a better man, father and player.”
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    Yankees’ Hurler Taken to Hospital After Pitching in 101 Degree HeatHe showed symptoms of dehydration.
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    Lindsay Lohan Has Been Dismissed and DissedFirst she was dumped by Samantha, and now she’s been dissed by her idol. The trials of Lilo, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Mets Opener Goes Exactly As Planned; Yankees, Not So MuchRight this very moment, someone’s calling in to the FAN to award K-Rod the Cy Young and proclaim CC Sabathia a total bust.
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    Leitch: Where Does Teixeira Fit Into the Yankees’ Fantastically Overpaid Four?Team fans are rejoicing. But what about fans of baseball in general?
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    Kirsten Dunst Trying Moderation ManagementIf you call vodka sodas till 3:30 a.m. moderation management, that is.
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    Melky Trade Held Up by Yanks’ Insistence on Acquiring CC’s Buds?Is it too early to speculate whether Sabathia would opt out of his contract in three years if he’s unhappy?
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    Leitch: Spendthrift Yanks Sign Sabathia for a Worryingly Long Seven YearsThe Yankees needed to pull out all the stops to get Sabathia, and apparently they have. This is what new stadiums and cable channels are for.
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    Donnie Walsh’s Trades So Good They May Even Benefit the YankeesWould CC Sabathia sign with the Yankees, knowing that his pal LeBron could very well sign with the Knicks?