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  1. explainer
    What to Know About Booster Shots, NowCountless Americans are now eligible for a booster dose of any of the three U.S.-authorized COVID vaccines.
  2. booster shots
    CDC Director Overrules Advisory Panel on COVID Boosters for High-Risk WorkersThe agency’s director backed another shot for older and vulnerable Americans and for people whose jobs put them at higher risk of exposure.
  3. covid-19
    The Debate Over Booster Shots Is Getting HotterShould everyone get an extra shot, or just the most vulnerable? That question is splitting experts and even the Biden administration.
  4. covid-19
    FDA, CDC Approve Third COVID Vaccine Dose for ImmunocompromisedThe move paves the way for Americans with weakened immune systems to get a third shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as soon as this weekend.
  5. eviction moratorium
    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of New York’s Eviction MoratoriumBy refusing New York tenants a presumption of financial distress, the Court may be signaling its intentions for the national moratorium.
  6. covid-19
    What About a Booster Shot Now?With Delta circulating, the question of whether more shots are needed has taken on new urgency. Here’s what we know.
  7. eviction moratorium
    Conservatives Are Freaking Out About the Eviction MoratoriumOne National Review writer encouraged civil disobedience as a response to Biden’s move.
  8. federal rental assistance
    Stalled Rent Relief Is a Glimpse Into the Flaws of Federal Aid DistributionThe failure to speedily deliver $47 billion in aid to renters shows the flaws of routing benefits through fragmented state and federal programs.
  9. eviction moratorium
    Under Pressure, CDC Releases New, Less Sweeping 60-Day Eviction MoratoriumIn a sudden about-face probably produced by Cori Bush’s protests, the Biden administration figured out a way to protect about 90 percent of renters.
  10. eviction moratorium
    Cori Bush Protest Exposes White House Screwups on Eviction MoratoriumHer reasonable demands are the least the Biden administration can do.
  11. covid-19
    U.S. Finally Hits Biden’s 70 Percent Vaccination GoalThe key milestone comes nearly a month after President Biden’s much-publicized July 4 target date.
  12. covid-19
    CDC Throws Cold Water on Hot Vax SummerOfficials recommend the fully vaccinated mask up where the virus is surging, as new science shows they can transmit the Delta variant.
  13. covid-19
    New CDC Data Shows the Pandemic Crushed U.S. Life ExpectancyThe coronavirus, fatal overdoses, and rising homicides amounted to the worst drop since WWII — even worse for Black and Hispanic people.
  14. covid-19
    FDA Will Add Warning of Rare Nerve Syndrome to J&J VaccineAbout 100 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome have been reported among U.S. recipients of the vaccine.
  15. covid-19
    Vaccinated Kids Can Go Maskless in School, CDC SaysThe agency issued new guidance in which schools are advised to fully reopen this fall.
  16. cdc
    U.S. to Ban Dog Importations From 113 Countries for One YearThe move comes in the wake of an increase in puppies arriving in the U.S. with falsified rabies certificates.
  17. side effects
    CDC Flags Rare Cases of Heart Swelling in Young People After COVID JabReported myocarditis cases make up a tiny fraction of the nearly 130 million Americans who have had both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
  18. covid-19
    Is the Second Shot Giving Young Men a Dangerous Heart Condition?New data from Israel suggests a link between myocarditis and Pfizer’s vaccine, but the CDC isn’t there yet.
  19. politics
    The Vaccine Hesitant on Why They Finally Got the ShotIt’s not about science, it’s about trust.
  20. covid-19
    What It Feels Like to Be an ‘Adverse Event’Is my heart problem because of the vaccine? Am I crazy for thinking that?
  21. covid-19
    What Incentives People Say Would Make Them Get VaccinatedThe gimmicks work.
  22. pandemic
    ‘You Can’t Trust People’Seven vaccinated people explain why they’re bucking CDC’s recommendation to take off their masks.
  23. covid-19
    Fauci: People Are ‘Misinterpreting’ New Mask GuidanceThe CDC’s decision to rescind almost all masking and distancing recommendations for the fully vaccinated has sparked confusion.
  24. covid
    CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Basically Don’t Need to Wear MasksThe agency finally updates guidance, with a few caveats, after ample evidence that vaccines are effective against transmission of the coronavirus.
  25. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Advisory Panel Clears Pfizer Shot for 12-to-15-Year-OldsOnce the CDC director grants her approval, doses can be administered to adolescents anywhere they are given to adults.
  26. summertime
    Experts: CDC’s Summer-Camp Rules Are ‘Cruel’ and ‘Irrational’“The CDC’s recommendations are, frankly, senseless. Children cannot be running around outside in 90-degree weather in a mask. Period.”
  27. covid-19
    FDA Set to Authorize Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Adolescents: ReportKids aged 12-15 could be able to start getting the shot next week.
  28. coronavirus
    Poll: Few Unvaccinated Americans Willing to Take J&J ShotThe pause over rare blood clots apparently crushed confidence in the shot.
  29. covid-19
    U.S. Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID VaccineThe FDA and CDC have lifted their pause of the one-shot vaccine after an extensive safety review regarding a very rare blood clot risk.
  30. covid-19
    CDC: Highly Contagious U.K. Variant Is Now Dominant in U.S.A new phase of the pandemic may be upon us, with states such as Michigan seeing a surge in cases attributed to a version of the coronavirus.
  31. covid-19
    CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread VirusSome public-health experts have pushed back on the CDC director’s claim that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.”
  32. coronavirus
    The CDC Is Reckoning With Its Damage Under TrumpA new CDC review confirms previous reports detailing how Trump’s political appointees overruled public-health experts throughout the pandemic.
  33. let’s get together
    Go Hug a Vaccinated Person Right NowThe social distance of the pandemic, for the vaccinated and their friends and family, can finally start to end. Just ask the CDC.
  34. public health
    Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Unmasked, CDC SaysThe federal agency says fully vaccinated people can indulge in perks like spending time unmasked with low-risk or other vaccinated individuals.
  35. covid vaccines
    The Vaccine Stockpile the White House Released This Week Doesn’t Exist: ReportThe Trump administration had already depleted the vaccine stockpile it said it would release, sowing more confusion for state and local authorities.
  36. explainer
    What We Know About the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution PlanThe largest mass-vaccination campaign in American history has begun. This is how it may or may not play out.
  37. tomorrow
    We Had the Vaccine the Whole TimeThe silver bullet we’ve been waiting for took all of one weekend to design.
  38. covid-19
    U.S. Blows Past Daily COVID Death RecordMore than 2,700 people died on Wednesday, and more than 100,000 are in the hospital.
  39. coronavirus
    The CDC Has Relaxed Its Quarantine GuidelinesPublic-health experts believe that a shorter period will improve overall compliance.
  40. coronavirus vaccine
    CDC Director: COVID Vaccine May Be Ready for Nursing-Home Residents in DecemberRobert Redfield said a vaccine may be distributed to nursing-home residents, then health-care providers, as early as mid-December.
  41. covid-19
    CDC Advises Against Thanksgiving TravelWith more than 160,000 new COVID-19 cases being reported daily, the agency now recommends that Americans cancel their holiday travel plans.
  42. centers for disease control
    CDC Reverses on COVID-19 Airborne Transmission GuidelinesThe about-face comes days after the CDC revoked a guideline stating that asymptomatic people with known COVID-19 contact do not need to get tested.
  43. misinformation
    Trump Aide Michael Caputo Takes Leave of Absence After Facebook RantThe former Trump campaign official baselessly accused CDC scientists of “sedition.”
  44. covid-19
    What If They Make a Coronavirus Vaccine and Nobody Takes It?There are already clear signs that the public is suspicious about corners being cut.
  45. misinformation
    HHS Officials Altered CDC COVID-19 Reports to Help TrumpTrump-appointed officials have been interfering to protect the president’s deliberately misleading COVID-19 spin.
  46. coronavirus
    CDC Issues Eviction Moratorium Until Year’s EndIn a surprise move of sweeping scope, upwards of 40 million renters will be temporarily protected from evictions, though not from liability for rent.
  47. coronavirus
    CDC Reports COVID-19 Is Eroding Many Americans’ Mental HealthOne in four young adults has contemplated suicide during the pandemic, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  48. the national interest
    American Death CultWhy has the Republican response to the pandemic been so mind-bogglingly disastrous?
  49. coronavirus
    80 Percent of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in Georgia Are African-AmericanAmid CDC evidence that black Georgians are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, Kemp’s business reopenings could make things much worse.
  50. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: We Can’t Go on Like This Much LongerThe psychological damage from the deeply unnatural way of life under coronavirus lockdown is only going to intensify.
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