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  1. fi-cri fallout
    SEC Investigating JPMorgan Over ‘Squared’ CDOThe firm might have allowed a hedge fund to improperly select assets for a CDO.
  2. fi-cri fallout
    All Investors Think They’re Sophisticated Until They Start Losing Money“We were just lambs being led to the slaughter,” investor in CDOs whimpers. Only without the blindfold, or the chain, or anything like that.
  3. putting shorts on with their shorts on
    Back in 2006, Morgan Stanley Traders Were More Interested in Golf Than in Creating CDOsEven when it comes to potentially criminal behavior, they can’t catch up.
  4. fi-cri fallout
    SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Subprime Fraud (Updated)Says the firm let hedge-funder John Paulson pay them to structure a crappy CDO, then sold it to clients like it was awesome.