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Cease Fire

  1. A Cease-fire Deal Has Been Reached in SyriaIt will go into effect at midnight.
  2. It’s Officially a No Go Between Russia and the United States on SyriaTalks are suspended after the Kremlin-backed Syrian government’s ongoing strikes against Aleppo.
  3. Syria Cease-fire Goes Into Effect, But Humanitarian Aid Still Hasn’t ArrivedNo deaths reported since the truce began, but the fighting hasn’t completely stopped.
  4. Russia and U.S. Have Agreed to a Cease-fire in a Pummeled SyriaDoes not apply to attacks on ISIS.
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    72-Hour Unconditional Humanitarian Cease-fire Reached in GazaBeginning Friday morning, the U.S. and U.N. announced.
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    Syrian Government Sees an Unwinnable War for Both SidesPlans to ask for a ceasefire.
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    President Obama: ‘Qaddafi Has a Choice’He explains “why this matters to us.”