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Cecil The Lion

  1. international affairs
    It Looks Like That Dentist Will Probably Get Away With Killing Cecil the LionZimbabwe says it can’t charge Walter Palmer for his outrage-inducing July hunt.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Insists He’s Innocent, Heads Back to WorkHe said that if he knew the lion’s significance, “obviously I wouldn’t have taken it.”
  3. cat videos
    Thousands of People Dressed Like Cats Honored Cecil the Lion Yesterday“This brings the crazy people all together.”
  4. What’s Life Like in Zimbabwe’s Prisons?Dr. Walter Palmer may soon find out.
  5. zimbabwe
    Second American Doctor Wanted for Killing a Lion in ZimbabweThis time it’s a gynecological oncologist from Pittsburgh. 
  6. animal killers
    Let’s Remember the Former Georgia Congressman Who Killed and Ate a LionPaul Broun did a bad thing.
  7. Cecil the Lion’s Alleged Killer Is a Dentist From Minnesota Dentists are the worst.