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Ceoh No!

  1. ceoh no!
    Pay Expert Reveals Potential Loophole in CEO-Compensation Debate“Compensation committees are saying we don’t want to have any trouble” over underpaying women, “so if we err, let’s err on the side of giving them too much.”
  2. ceoh no!
    Former Merrill Lynch CEO Comes Late to the Frugality TrendStan O’Neal chooses coach, a little too late.
  3. ceoh no!
    Sheila Bair: Certain Bank CEOs Will Be Replaced“Are there people who can do a better job?”
  4. ceoh no!
    Certain CEOs Have 30 Days to Convince People They Are Not MoronsWhich is going to be tough for some, who have spent the last year convincing people of precisely the opposite.
  5. ceoh no!
    Save Vikram!Why Citigroup’s CEO shouldn’t be fired.
  6. ceoh no!
    Taxpayers Never Promised Vikram Pandit a Zen GardenCitgroup defends its office renovation plans.
  7. ceoh no!
    Citigroup’s $10 Million Office Plans May Threaten Stability of Taxpayer MindsIt’s official: Vikram Pandit needs someone who’s going to tell him what is going to piss off normal people.