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  1. vision 2020
    An Appreciation of Elizabeth Warren As She Suspends Her CampaignSadly, Warren’s passion for fixing things may not be what Democratic voters wanted this year.
  2. fill the swamp
    Trump Administration Brings Relief to Long-suffering Predatory LendersThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just gutted another consumer financial protection.
  3. student debt
    Trump’s Student Debt Policies Are Mind-bogglingly CorruptThe government’s student-loan watchdog just resigned after realizing that Trump is committed to helping sham colleges fleece students and taxpayers.
  4. The Trump Administration Just Made Life Easier for Racist LendersMick Mulvaney has taken enforcement authority away from the federal office that specializes in punishing discriminatory financial firms.
  5. The CFPB Is Now the Predatory Lender Protection BureauThe consumer bureau just dropped an investigation into a firm that allegedly preyed on the poor — and definitely donated to Mick Mulvaney.
  6. Battle Over Trump’s Pick to Lead Consumer Watchdog Agency Heads to CourtA Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official is suing the Trump administration, arguing she’s the rightful acting director, not Mick Mulvaney.
  7. Nobody Knows Who the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s New Boss IsA consumer advocate or the opposite of one?